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Release Note

Welcome to CN8000 KVM on the NET
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version is cumulative and includes the corrections contained in all previous revisions. There is no need to install previous version if you are installing this one.
Version History
V1.1.1021. Fixed the Firefox can not save the ANMS settings issue.
2. Supports DNS and NetBIOS.
3. Does mouse Auto Sync after video sync.
4. Supports mapping two virtual media devices.
5. Moved the default OSD bar to top-middle edge.
6. In multi-user mode: different video connections can have different frame rates and video quality.
7. Force to Grayscale mode invoked when PPP video connection is established, and PPP video quality is forced to the lowest level.
V1.0.093Initial Release