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Release Note

Welcome to KN2108/KN2116 KVM Over the NET™
Notice: Before downloading the firmware, be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version is cumulative and includes the corrections contained in all previous revisions. There is no need to install previous version if you are installing this one.
Version History

1.Added a new feature to improve communication between a CC2000 and its supported devices.
2.Improved security vulnerability for CVE-2009-1472: Java client arbitrary code execution, CVE-2009-1473: Cryptographic weakness in key exchange, CVE-2009-1474: Incomplete encryption, CVE-2009-1474: Session ID Cookie not secure-only, and CVE-2009-1477: Same SSL Key for all devices.
3.Added new Windows and Java clients to support software keyboard, user macros, and magic control panel.

You must use CC2000 Software v1.0.096 or higher with this release.
V1.0.0991.Added CC2000 support
2.Improved Security issue regarding cookie for browser.
3.Added Always On selection for OSD display duration. 0 now represents Always Off.
4.Resolved LDAP/LDAPS issue which can use a null password to login via AD server.
5.Improved windows client to prevent user from setting duplicate hotkey.
You must use CC2000 Software v1.0.092 or higher with this release.
V1.0.096Improved Windows client to prevent user duplicating hotkey settings. 
V1.0.095Added session management function 
V1.0.0921.Added cascade for KH1516
2.Added backup and restore system configuration function

1. Enhance video quality
2. Improve Sun video resolution support


1. User interface enhancements:
• Toggle between full screen and window mode from the tool bar.
• Transparent display of the OSD and toolbar.
2. Snapshot feature added to WinClient
3. Improved data transfer efficiency with three grayscale modes:
• Force all to grayscale (device level admin. Sets for all transfers)
• Force to grayscale (user account level –admin. Sets for individual users)
• Set to grayscale (client level – user selects)

V1.0.0871. Added Grayscale function
2. Added Network bandwidth control function
3. Added support 1280 x1024 @75Hz resolution
4. Added "Ctrl+Alt+Del" button in toolbar
V1.0.085Improved Java Client to speed up USB Mouse movement 
V1.0.083Initial Release