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Release Note

Welcome to KN4140v/KN4124v/KN2140v/KN2124v
KVM over the NET
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version is cumulative and includes the corrections contained in all previous revisions. There is no need to install previous version if you are installing this one.
Version History
V1.6.152 & V1.5.145KN4140v/KN4124v/KN2140v/KN2124v firmware V1.6.152 is changed architecturally to enhance/support more features such as following:
1. Blade server support
2. IPv6 support
3. ICMP support
4. Local panel array mode support
5. Power association in GUI support
6. CSR support
7. Serial console third party tool support, such as Putty
8. Keyboard/Mouse Broadcast support
1. To work with CC2000 V2, you must use CC2000 Software v2.0.193 or higher with this release.
2. If upgrading from KN4140v/KN4124v/KN2140v/KN2124v v1.1.108 or earlier: Upgrade to KN4140v/KN4124v/KN2140v/KN2124v relay version v1.5.145 first.
3. CC2000 v2.0.193 supports KN4140v/KN4124v/KN2140v/KN2124v v1.6.152 and later only.

1.Added CC2000 support.
2.Added new version F/W KA7175/KA7176 V1.0.074.
3.Improved performance for OOBC.
4.Added remote client to support USB full/high speed selection for VM operation. 5.Added Windows client support for DVD ISO files.

You must use CC2000 Software v1.0.094 or higher with this release.
V1.1.106Initial release.