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Release Note

Welcome to KN9108/KN9116 KVM over the NET
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully
This latest version is cumulative and includes the corrections contained in all previous revisions. There is no need to install previous version if you are installing this one.
Version History
V1.1.101Improved OSD function
V1.0.097Improved video display for Linux text mode from the remote console.
V1.0.0961. Removed drag icon from OSD Toolbar and enabled clicking anywhere to drag.
2. Added ticker bar to Windows Client Control Panel to display incoming instant messages.
V1.0.095KN9108 Initial Release
1. Improved to prevent corruption of MAC address.
2. Optimized Panel Array Mode to display 9 panels (KN9108) / 16 panels (KN9116) by default.
V1.0.0931. Supports up to 32 users can log in at the same time for concurrent access to a server
2. Message board feature allows logged in users to communicate with other users
3. Ports can be set to Exclusive, Occupy and Share
4. With Radius support
5. Java client support non-full screen feature.
Note:This firmware version was removed. It was replaced by V1.0.095 and later versions.
V1.0.089Enhanced Video Auto-Sync algorithm 
V1.0.088Initial Release