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Climate change and GHG reduction

ATEN has long paid attention on environmental protection issues and is well aware of the mission and responsibility a corporation shall bear. We aggressively take friendly actions toward the environment. While in constant pursuit of maintaining the eco-environment and sustainable development, we strive for technology upgrading and breakthrough, and lead suppliers to establish altogether the green supply chain. In 2010, we started to push the operation of GHG inventory. Also, we have established an internal inventory mechanism in accordance with the international standard ISO 14064-1 to continuously draw energy saving projects and energy utilization upgrading, to aggressively conduct the voluntary GHG inventory operation.


ISO 14064-1 GHG verification and validated by the third party BV, an international certification body

According to ISO 14064-1 GHG verification, data shall reasonably be measured and computed. The verification results reveal that the data do not violate the materiality limit, which complies with the materiality limit and the level of assurance stated in the report.

Verification period: 01/01/2015 ~ 31/12/2015(base year)

Total GHG emissions: 1,804.110 tons, CO2-e/year
Direct GHG emissions: 73.5351 tons, CO2-e/year
Energy indirect GHG emissions: 1,730.5751 tons CO2-e/year
Biofuels CO2 emissions: 0.0000 tons CO2/year