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What is USB Type-C Advantages Applications Recommend Products

Simplicity and Convenience

USB-C's compact size and ability to provide both connectivity and power instantly decreases cable clutter. And its reversibility means no more “which way is up” moments. It also delivers the most video bandwidth, enabling top-quality AV including 4K in DisplayPort and HDMI.

Outstanding Laptop Class Charging Performance

USB Type-C is completely versatile, carrying bidirectional power up to 100W – enough to charge full-size electronics – and features smart power delivery protocols to enable energy compatibility with any device to prevent surges or electrical fires.

Backwards Compatibility, Forward Functionality

USB Type-C is backwards compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 while working interchangeably with cutting edge interface technologies. It also boasts data transfer rates up to 10Gbps.

What kind of USB Type-C product do I need ?

ATEN's 25+ years experience in USB connectivity and top R&D talent has given us the resources and knowhow to build the highest quality USB Type-C products, including a wide range of docking devices and adapters for every need.

Screen Extension

For users who need to conveniently scale a display output to a bigger monitor or conduct presentations from a projector. ATEN solutions offer easy plug-and-play for increased productivity.

Screen Extension / Interface Expansion

For users that need dual-view display via single cable and reliable, high-speed data transfers. ATEN's portable docks give you more desktop space wherever you are and make connecting to multiple devices easy.

Screen Extension / Interface Expansion / Laptop Charging

For users that need laptops to quickly dock and perform like a desktop PC, reliable connectivity, and enough power for large size devices. ATEN products allow you to spend more time working or playing and zero time on setup.

ATEN Type-C Product Line-Up


USB-C to VGA Adapter


USB-C to 4K HDMI Adapter


USB-C Dual-DisplayPort Mini Dock


USB-C Multiport Dock with Power Charging


USB-C Multiport Mini Dock

Recommended Products