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Bee the PowerKeeper with ATEN

Just as beehives foster a bustling ecosystem, data centers have evolved into super-PC hives that power the digital world. Any advancement in data center PUE can be a pivotal step towards realizing net-zero GHG emissions by 2050. Let's draw inspiration from beekeeping practices to ensure sustainable powerkeeping for a more promising future!

Re-imagine Data Centers with Smarter Energy Management

The growing demand for contactless services and remote work is a significant paradigm-shift event that has catalyzed the digitalization of businesses in the new normal. The soaring penetration of cloud computing has brought about the extension of on-premises infrastructures in data centers, which requires the integration of smart power distribution and efficient Data Center Infrastructure Management to retrofit data center operations. In response to the emerging energy crisis, more power, agile adaptability and higher density in server racks are essential to the future of data centers.

Product Features at a Glance
Data Center / Server RoomOptimization of Sustainability
VideowallPower Efficiency

Product Features at a Glance

Network Resilience

Cascading via LAN Ports

With network port redundancy, up to 64 PDUs can be cascaded via LAN ports, saving considerably on the expense for extra network switches while sparing rack space to incorporate more IT equipment in high-density server racks in an expandable network.

Daisy-chaining via Sensor Port

With the Sensor port in place, up to 8 sensors can be daisy-chained for environmental monitoring of temperature, humidity, differential air pressure, water leaks, and intrusion, featuring alerts for potential threats.

Environment Monitoring with eco DC

ATEN eco DC offers an intuitive web GUI that allows for real-time remote access and management of all ATEN PDUs and environment sensors via one single login on a web browser, without requiring any additional software installation or setup. It runs on any OS platform and can be easily integrated into any data center infrastructure for monitoring and tracking of power usage and efficiency. ATEN PDUs deployed in various regions but within the same intranet can be automatically discovered and managed via SNMP in one centralized environment with eco DC.

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