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8-Port KVM Over the NET™


The KN2108 KVM Over the NET Switch series offers a practical and affordable management solution for data centers housing a large number of servers. These switches are ideal for network administrators who are responsible for mission critical operations and require 24H/7D server room access.

The KN2108 allow 3 administrators- one logged in at a local console; the other two logged in remotely from any IP connected web browser-and up to 32 users to securely monitor, manage, troubleshoot or run applications from up to 16 connected devices respectively.

Package Contents

  • 1x 8-Port KVM Over the NET™
  • 1x Power Cord
  • 1x Rack Mount Kit (brackets and Phillips head hex M3 x 8 screws)
  • 1x Foot Pad Set (4 pcs.)
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 8 port remote access KVM switch - monitor and control up to 8 computers from a single KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) console
  • Remotely access computers via LAN, WAN, or the Internet; control your installation when and where you want
  • Supports 3 bus sessions - 1 Local and 2 Remote administrators can simultaneously access separate ports
  • Internet browser access; Windows client and Java client provided; Java client works with most operating systems
  • Graphical OSD and graphical toolbars for convenient, user friendly operation
  • Supports all major server platforms and VT100 based serial devices
  • Supports multiplatform server environments including PS/2, USB, Sun, and Serial
  • RJ-45 connectors allow a full 8 port implementation - Cat 5e/6 cable reduces cable bulk
  • Extends the distance between computers and switch - up to 40 m
  • Cascadable up to 2 levels* - provides up to 64/128 computers
  • Up to 64 user accounts - up to 32 concurrent logins
  • Panel Array Mode - view all 8 or 16 ports at the same time
  • Message board feature allows logged in users to communicate with each other and allows a user to take exclusive control of the KVM functions
  • Windows based Log Server
  • Remote power control for attached Power Over the NET™ devices
  • Three level security: multiadministrator; multiuser; multiviewer
  • Advanced security features include password protection and advanced encryption technologies - 1024 bit RSA; 56 bit DES; 256 bit AES; and 128 bit SSL
  • RADIUS server support
  • Flash upgradeable firmware over the network connection
  • Ports can be set to Exclusive, Occupy and Share
  • Network Interfaces: TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, UDP, RADIUS, DHCP, SSL, ARP, DNS, 10Base-T/100Base-TX, auto sense, Ping
  • Detachable front panel for easy access to front and rear of unit
  • High video resolution: up to 1280 x 1024 @ 60Hz
  • Multiplatform support: Windows 2000/XP, Mac, Linux, Unix, Sun.
  • For more information about KVMs which can connect to KN2108, see Compatible KVM Table

    * Compatible KVM Switches: KH98, CS9134, CS9138, CS88A, KH1508, KH1516. Some KVM Over the NET™ features may not be supported, depending on the functionality of the cascaded KVM switch.

DescriptionVer.Release DateFile Name
Firmware Upgradev1.1.103 kn2108_2116_main_v1.1.103.CSF
Firmware Upgradev1.1.101 kn2108_2116_main_v1.1.101.CSF
Firmware Upgradev1.0.099 kn2108_2116_main_v1.0.099.CSF
Firmware Upgradev1.0.096 kn2108_2116_main_v1.0.096.csf
Firmware Upgradev1.0.095 kn2108_2116_main_v1.0.095.csf
Firmware Upgradev1.0.092 kn2108_2116_main_v1.0.092.csf
Firmware Upgradev1.0.091 kn2108_2116_main_v1.0.091.csf
Firmware upgradev1.0.089 kn2108_2116_main_v1.0.089.csf
Firmware Upgradev1.0.087 KN2108_KN2116_MAIN_v1.0.087.CSF
Firmware Upgradev1.0.085 kn2108_2116_main_v1.0.085.csf
Firmware Upgradev1.0.083 kn2108_2116_main_v1.0.083.csf
ОSDescriptionVer.Release DateFile Name
Administration toolv1.0.060 kn2108_2116_admintool.zip