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ATEN Control Room KVM Solutions

Control rooms are vital for organizations to efficiently and effectively monitor multiple information streams and to make accurate mission-critical decisions. ATEN specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance KVM solutions, helping its customers to increase security and improve operator efficiency within the control room. ATEN Control Room KVM solutions can be leveraged in both the visualization and information integration and the operation, control and communication areas in any control room environment.

Why ATEN Control Room KVM?

Seamless Integration of AV and IT

ATEN is the expert in leveraging IT/IP technologies as a way of connecting A/V and server/device-room components, integrating information for collaboration, and facilitating responsive operations and crucial commands.

Visual Excellence

Our solutions deliver high-performance image quality to multiple display video walls for collaboration-heavy deployments, as well to desk console stations for mission-critical operations.

Flexible Deployment and Management

Our extensive control room product line provides flexible solutions that are future-proof, scalable, and implementable across industries, so you can easily find the solution that’s just right for you in terms of both operation and device management.

Security and Reliability

ATEN solutions provide secure, reliable access to any system across multiple security domains for 24/7 operation; adjustable authority levels, encrypted communication and log ins; virtual media data encryption; also provides vital rapid failover/backup support for systems and operation, from local and offsite.

Scenario Setup

ATEN Control Room KVM solutions are designed to fulfill various control room requirements in diverse applications.


Comprehensive Control and Operation

The combination of ATEN KVM over-IP switches (KN/ CN/ KL series) and console stations (KA82 series) provides reliable remote access to mission-critical systems from any console station via existing network infrastructure, ideal for control room / Network Operation Center (NOC) operators to access remote servers from their workspace with improved user experience, workflow, and collaboration.
  • Flexible connection setups: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many
  • Bus-sharing design (KN Series) to facilitate comprehensive server management
  • Panel Array mode for real-time monitoring of up to 64 PCs
  • Boundless Switching for control over 4 screens between 2 console stations

Centralized and Remote Management

The combination of Multi-View KVMP™ (CM Series) and KVM over IP Matrix System (KE Series) is intended to deliver combined video streams extended over the network and sent to the main surveillance control room for convenient monitoring with ultra low latency, and aimed to eliminate the compatibility limitations of surveillance systems as well as allow operators to have instant and secure local and remote access.
  • Multi-view console to control 4 video sources on one screen
  • Flexible display modes: PiP, PbP, and PoP
  • Boundless Switching for intuitive switching across windows or displays
  • Push & Pull to share content instantly to/from a single receiver or video wall

Secure Desktop Management with Data Protection

ATEN Secure KVM Switches are PSS PP v3.0 compliant and specifically designed to enforce stringent desktop security for deployment in any industry that needs to handle sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information, or implement multi-level security on separate networks.
  • PSS PP v3.0 NIAP Common Criteria Compliant
  • Data channel isolation & unidirectional data flow
  • Always-on Chassis intrusion detection
  • Restricted USB connectivity
  • Non-reprogrammable firmware

ATEN Solutions

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