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Color Your Creations
Make them Live and Brilliant

Professional results are brilliant yet difficult to make. The ATEN Content Creation Series cracks the puzzle of complexity by providing the top-notch technology and performance that allow all content creators to make pro-level content and take their creations to the next level.

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Make Your Audio and Video VIVID and PROFESSIONAL for Any Streaming Application

ATEN content creation products allow you to create pro-level live productions in a wide variety of situations. This includes everything from live lectures and conferences to small, personal YouTuber-style videos.
  • Lecture / Conference / Seminar
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • School Live Event
  • Live Interview
  • Worship Service
  • Podcast
  • Online Training
  • Gaming
  • Youtuber

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FunctionVideo CaptureVideo CaptureVideo Capture
Applicable UserBeginner StreamerMobile StreamerExperienced Streamer
InputHDMI x 1HDMI x 1HDMI x 2
RCA x 1
XLR x 1
OutputUSB-C x 1HDMI x 1
USB-C x 1
HDMI x 1
USB-B x 1
Max Video Input Resolution1080P604K604K30
Max Video Output Resolution1080P60 (USB)1080P60 (USB)
4K60 (Loop-out)
Audio Sampling16bit / 48kHz16bit / 48kHz16bit / 48kHz
Streaming and Conferencing Software Compatibility


Video Features
Multi Camera ProductionN/AN/A
Scene-based SwitchingN/AN/AN/A
Direct Streaming / RecordingN/AN/AN/A
Transition EffectsN/AN/A
Two-screen CompositionN/AN/APiP / PnP / Split
Text or Graphic OverlayN/AN/AN/A
Chroma KeyN/AN/A
Stream CaptureN/AN/AN/A
Audio Features
Jingle PadsN/AN/AN/A
Control Features
Control Device TypeN/AN/ASmartphone
Control Device OS SupportN/AN/AAndroid
Control AppN/AN/AOnAir Lite
Wireless ControlN/AN/A
StreamLive™ HDStreamLIVE™ PROMicLIVE™
FunctionVideo MixerVideo MixerAudio Mixer
Applicable UserBeginner StreamerProfessional StudioBeginner Podcaster
InputHDMI x 3
RCA x 1
6.3mm x 1
HDMI x 4
6.3mm x 2
XLR or 6.3mm x 2
3.5mm TRRS x 1
USB-C x 1
OutputHDMI x 2HDMI x 2
3.5mm x 1
3.5mm TRRS x 1
3.5mm TRS x2
USB-C x 1
Max Video Input Resolution4K60 x 1
1080P60 x 2
4K60 x 1
1080P60 x 3
Max Video Output Resolution1080P60 (PGM)
4K60 (Loop-through)
1080P30 (Network)
1080P60 (PGM)
4K60 (Loop-through)
1080P30 (Network)
Audio Sampling16bit / 44.1kHz16bit / 44.1kHz24bit / 96kHz
Streaming and Conferencing Software Compatibility
(Stream to USB app via LAN Network)

(Stream to USB app via LAN Network)

Video Features
Multi Camera ProductionN/A
Scene-based SwitchingN/A
Direct Streaming / RecordingN/A
Transition EffectsN/A
Two-screen CompositionPiP / PnP / SplitPiP / PnP / SplitN/A
Text or Graphic OverlayN/A
Chroma KeyN/AN/AN/A
Stream Capture
(LAN Network)

(LAN Network)
Audio Features
Voice FXN/AN/A
Jingle PadsN/AN/A
Control Features
Control Device TypeTabletTablet and PCPC
Control Device OS SupportiPadOSAndroid
iPadOS, Windows 10
Windows 10
Control AppOnAirOnAirOnAir Audio
Wireless ControlN/A
(LAN Network)

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