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Channel 5: How-to Videos

How to upgrade the firmware and use Android tablets with ATEN StreamLIVE™ PRO?

In this video we'll show you how to upgrade the firmware and set up your ATEN StreamLIVE™ PRO All-in-one Multi-channel AV Mixer (UC9040) with an Android tablet.

Set up & Manage Multiple Display and Video Walls

With the ATEN Video Matrix Solutions, managing multiple displays separately is now easier than ever before.

Create A Traffic Monitoring System with ATEN KVM Over IP Extender

This video will guide you to set up ATEN KE6900 / KE6940 KVM Over IP Extenders for your traffic monitoring system in 3 steps

How to stream your class/meeting with pro-level effects and transitions? - ATEN UC3022 CAMLIVE™ Pro

The CAMLIVE™ PRO is a video capture and switch device that can turn your professional 4K camera, camcorder, or action camera into an HDMI video source for a computer or mobile device to livestream your content.

How to Make your Livestreaming More Professional

In this video series, Bryan from ATEN introduces the ATEN UC9020 StreamLIVE HD all-in-one multi-channel AV mixer. With this device, you can livestream with a pro-level finish on a device that's easier to use and more affordable than comparable mixers.

ATEN Control System Training - Basic Level

Learn the basics of setting up the ATEN Control System, from adding devices to designing the user interface, with these comprehensive 24-part basic-level training videos.

ATEN Control System Training - Advanced Level

This 31-part advanced-level training video series provides a comprehensive overview on how to create and use Flags, Variables, and Monitor Events for the ATEN Control System.

How to play Android games using a monitor, keyboard, and mouse?

In this video we will show you how to use a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to play Android mobile games with the ATEN UH3236.

Is your camera compatible with CAMLIVE™?

In this video, we will show you how to set up and check your camera's compatibility with CAMLIVE™.

How to Install VE89 Series Video over IP Extenders

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to setup and configure ATEN's VE89 series Video over IP extenders.Engineered to meet today’s demands of large scale, multi-display, 1080p/4K signal transmission, and designed to be easy to set up and operate, the VE8900/VE8950 Video over IP Extender is an ideal product for a wide range of environments, such as trade shows, airports, university campuses, conference centers, and shopping centers.

How to Install an ATEN Wall-mount Keypad

The wall-mounted keypad is another simple control interface. Incorporated with the ATEN Control System, you connect up to 8 independent keypads to a single control box. Choose from two different button sizes and support up to 14 keypad outlets for different customized environments.