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Streamlining IT Management and Troubleshooting

ATEN's Control Center Video Session Recorder (CCVSR) is an innovative software solution that automatically records a video of the operations made on a server by administrators when using their KVM over IP switches. ATEN CCVSR eliminates the need for agent software on the servers and is the best solution for capturing evidence of faulty operations and for compliance auditing.

Improved UI with Enhanced Capabilities

With its clear and concise interface designed to boost user ease and engagement, the CCVSR delivers a great interactive experience. The new UI with HTML5 implementations delivers a better user experience and advanced usability via its simplified structure, improved text readability, and increased icon visibility, as well as ancillary functions such as the wizard guide and system notifications. The UI’s minimalist flat design aesthetic and two levels of typographic hierarchy, with the most commonly-used key features listed on a handy sidebar, enable you to smoothly navigate and complete your task intuitively.

User Session Recording

  • Records user sessions from system boot up (BIOS) for visual playback when users access ATEN KVM over IP switches and serial console servers locally* and remotely
  • Records a video of the screen display and logs keystrokes, mouse clicks, and audio* operations
  • Continuous recording without opening WinClient/JavaClient (CN8600, CN8000A and CN9600 only**)
  • Non-Intrusive – requires neither software nor driver installations on the computers

* Available on specific models only
** Use firmware CN8600: v1.0.092, CN8000A: v1.0.085, CN9600: v1.1.102 or above

Investigation and Compliance

  • Easily search through captured sessions for trouble tracing and problem solving
  • Advanced search with device name, port name, username, and time period for precise results
  • Supports high quality video recording – with video resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 with 24-bit color depth
  • The CCVSR is an excellent tool for providing evidence to show information is transparent, audited, and logged

Live Monitoring

  • Live monitoring on multiple KVM ports for tracking operations made on servers or server status
  • Up to 20 ports/channels can be shown simultaneously
  • Various layout combinations and customizable layouts are available for selection
  • Playback function allows users to instantly search and view previous videos

Record All Actions in Any Application

The ATEN Control Center Video Session Recorder (CCVSR) provides the most complete session recording, the best protected video session data, and the least management effort, effectively lowering the cost and time of problem-solving for IT managers in any application.



Server Room

Production Line

Scenario Diagrams


Server Room Recording

The ATEN CCVSR records user sessions from system boot up (BIOS) for visual playback when users access ATEN KVM over IP switches.


Production Line Monitoring

The ATEN CCVSR monitors all operators' actions and the status of production line machines in real-time for possible future incident investigation and troubleshooting.

Compatible Products


1-Local/Remote Share Access Single Port DVI KVM over IP Switch


32-Port Serial Console Server with Dual Power/LAN


1-Local/8-Remote Access 64-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch