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The Control Boxes and Control Pads serve as a centralized platform to connect all devices via serial, IR, I/O, relay, DC, IR/serial, and Ethernet interfaces. Built-in IR LED allows new devices to be added via the IR learning function. USB port features also come in handy to allow quick profile uploads to the Control Box, making it easy to share profiles amongst different tablets when switching locations.

Control Boxes

VK2200 | VK1200

VK2100 & VK1100
VK2200 front VK2200 back VK1200 front VK1200 back

Control Boxes

VK2100A | VK1100A

VK2100A & VK1100A
VK2100A front VK2100A back VK1100A front VK1100A back

Expansion Boxes

VK224 | VK258 | VK248 | VK236

VK224 & VK258 & VK248 & VK236
VK224 VK258 VK248 VK236

Control Pads

VK0200 | VK0100

VK0200 & VK0100
VK0200 VK02001 W/B VK0200 back VK0100 01001 W/B VK0100 back


Upon hardware connection, the intuitive ATEN Configurator software can assist you to complete system setup via 4 easy configuration steps:Create Project > Select Device > Configure Viewer > Upload Profile.
Moreover, the Database Generator , one of the configurator's plug-ins, is a device utility tool that can be called upon to define and manage a hardware database anytime during the configuration.

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Wall-mount Keypad
A simple control interface that allows you to interact with your space. The configurable buttons offer maximum flexibility. Each button can be programmed with multiple functions, and various button layouts are available for your convenience.
ATEN Control System App
By connecting to ATEN Controllers, the Control System App imports profiles configured with the ATEN Configurator to your control interface, allowing you to control via simple point-n-tap operations.
Touch Panel
The multi-touch touch panel with built-in ATEN Control System App offers a stylish option for control. It can be easily installed on tabletops or mounted on walls, providing the flexibility you need for your applications.

Extending Control to your PC
Use ControlAssist to remotely control a computer to perform actions when working with PowerPoint files, media files, or control over PC off and volume, through ATEN controllers. This tool is especially helpful where a presenter needs to control PowerPoint files in a computer as well as other equipment in the room.