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Become an ATEN Solution Partner

Partner with us to meet challenges, create new markets, and increase brand visibility through our proven value propositions. Leverage our global networks, expertise, and trust to provide customers with superior solutions to accelerate the achievement of your business goals.

Program Benefits

We look for ways we can collaborate with others to ultimately offer our customers the best solutions to drive better outcomes. To build and strengthen a long-term relationship, ATEN offers an array of benefits and support for participants who join the program.
  • Complete smart optimized solutions
  • Reach new audiences and drive sales
  • Stand out in a competitive market
  • Joint exhibitions at trade shows
  • Case sharing at seminars and internal events
  • A dedicated ATEN Solution Partner page
Success Stories
  • Promoted on ATEN global website and at conferences, packaged and tailored to particular audiences for client meetings, and sent out in direct mail packages.
  • Marketing collateral
  • ATEN logo usage
  • Certificates
Public Relations
  • Build a brand profile
  • News exposure about solution partner engagement
  • Social media promotion

Your Fast-Track to Collaborative Business Success

Partner with ATEN for Excellence