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An efficient desktop set-up really does change things

In recent months, many things have changed. We are more careful than ever with what we touch and how hygienic our surroundings are, not in the least of which our desks and the environment we work in. But, have you ever come to wonder if your current set-up is not only clean, but also efficient? Have you truly looked at your desk before and thought about how your productivity might increase? Or maybe you have been frustrated with your set-up because the constant switching was time-consuming and unnecessarily complex? Well, the ATEN engineers certainly did and therefore they developed several devices to help you with these common struggles. Read on and find three multi-display desktop solutions you didn’t know you needed!



A multi-display desktop typically combines two basic functionalities: a way to visualize your work on multiple desktops and the ease of switching between multiple computers. Three types of devices allow you to do so: You can control multiple PC’s with just one keyboard and mouse (= KM switch), a screen (= KVM Switch) and even peripherals such as storage devices or printers (= KVMP Switch). All without the struggle of reconnecting cables to make sure you are controlling the right PC.

First of all, if you use multiple computers with each their own display, you want to use just one keyboard and mouse to handle them all. The KM switch is there to help. Simply moving the cursor across the border of one display, automatically transports you onto the corresponding display of the second PC.

This is what we call “Boundless switching”.



An entry level model, such as CS62 KM Boundless Cable KM switch, has two ports to manage 2 computers and 2 displays. It supports USB devices and doesn’t require a power supply, so you will not need extra cables. Willing to connect more? Go for a scalable model, such as CS724KM Boundless KM Switch. By daisy-chaining the devices, you can connect up to 16 displays and 8 computers.

While the KM switches typically allow one display per computer, the following models offer Dual Display capabilities. Simply connect two screens and up to 4 computers to a KVM switch and allow an even efficient flow of information. Whether you need DisplayPort connections (CS1944DP), HDMI (CS1844) or DVI (CS1644) ATEN has got you covered. Only need two connections? Then make sure to check out the 2 port version of these KVMP switches, the CS1942DP, CS1842 and CS1642A. All with the same functionalities and superior 4K video quality.

In some environments, 2 displays might just not cut it. If you need to monitor multiple financial markets at once or make sure your multitasking is highly organized for instance, then the CS1964 4-Port USB3.0 4K DisplayPort Triple Display KVMP™ Switch is what you want. Managing a triple-display multimedia workstation becomes effortless and access to 4 computers has never been more convenient. With daisy-chaining, you can even double this to 6 displays!

Controlling the way in which you display information and the interaction you can have with it, maximizes efficiency in your workflow. The only way this is possible, is by ensuring your desktop set-up is up for the job. By incorporating the ATEN products, you can take a first step in the right direction. Take a look at the ATEN Docking stations as well to streamline your set-up even further. Take for example the US3342, which helps you to transfer files between 2 different operating systems. Do you have any questions for us? Then don’t hesitate to contact us and let’s find your Multi-view Desktop together!