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Do you still go into the office every day?

It’s hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago, this simple question was met with a wondered gaze and a somewhat arrogant answer like:
“Of course, isn’t everybody?!”.

All of this is due to recent developments which have urged us to change the way we live and work dramatically. Staying indoors and conducting business from the safety of our own home, has become the new standard in a matter of days. Businesses need to think agile and adapt to the changes that are being imposed by circumstances outside of their own control. In order to keep day-to-day operations moving forward, solutions must be found which will allow large portions of the working staff to work remotely.

Being able to access remote information, meeting face-to-face with coworkers, allowing information to be shared as if in the same room, etc. These are just some of the challenges that arise when working from home. However, these challenges can be overcome by technology that allows us to enjoy these functionalities in an easy and convenient manner. As a company at the heart of AV and IT, ATEN is able to provide just that and can deliver technological innovations which allow business to continue as usual.

Whether it’s universities that conduct lessons online, managers that finalize deals from their living room or data-analysts who need to access data from on-site servers. All these different corporations can count on the large scale of possibilities that ATEN has to offer when it comes to remote working. Presentation switches (ATEN VP2-series) allow for elaborate collaboration, the UC9020 AV Mixer for livestreaming can help lift educational material to a higher level and the over-IP solutions make accessing information possible wherever you are.

While remote working is forced upon us by devastating circumstances, it allows us to crash trail certain solutions that otherwise would have taken years to take off. We therefore support you to embrace the current challenges and see them as opportunities to test new things.  Studies show that productivity can increase with flexible working so allow change to happen and prepare yourself for the future. And why not start by letting ATEN into your life and allowing us to be your guide for a flexible working space? Docking stations and KVM switches allow you to modify your home set-up and maximize your efficiency, whenever, wherever. The possibility of working on multiple computers or screens at once, is just one of the functionalities that can help increase your productivity. All the while, removing excessive cabling and a disorganized desk. ATEN hardware solutions ensure connectivity and safe data transferring. This is our way of helping you moving forward, even during the hardest of times.