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Work from home solutions

Telecommuting and remote working have become increasingly popular in today's daily operations. It ensures greater flexibility, boosts productivity and lowers the overal commuting expenses. ATEN has the right solutions to help you with remote access and effortless collaboration, so you will not miss out on any important tasks. Need to spread your message to a wide audience? ATEN has you covered with it's live streaming solution.

Secure remote access

ATEN's KVM over IP control units and switches allow you to connect to computers from anywhere in the world, without having to install any software. Savely access to your HQ's resources, such as authorized software, documents or servers with exceptional computing power. They are all within reach from your home office.

Effortless collaboration

Online meeting platforms rely heavily on the server status from their providers. With ATEN presentation switches you can easily join any meeting that's hosted from your company's conference room. Optimize the collaborative experience by making live annotations and sharing essential files!

Convenient live streaming

Live streaming and video distribution has greatly impacted today’s way of teaching. With ATEN's all-in-one AV mixer you can broadcast all your classes to any streaming platform. Students will be able to attend your classes from anywhere in the world without having to miss out on your excellent presenting style.

Remote access: KVM over IP

  • Secured remote access
    Access all your critical applications and files from anywhere in the world with an extra layer of data encryption.
  • Dual LAN and Dual Power
    ATEN KVM over IP control units ensure optimum redundancy, which guarantees 24/7 uptime of your computers or servers.
  • Virtual media support
    Easily transfer files or install a specific software from your remote session to your computer which is safely stored in your company's server room.

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Remote collaboration: Presentation switches

  • Seamless Switch for Ultra Smooth Transitions
    Enables real-time control and zero-delay switching between multiple sources for uninterrupted experiences while transitioning from one presentation source to another.
  • Bi-directional Streaming for Remote Sharing
    Flexibly share presentation content wirelessly via the VP Web GUI and Mobile App with any mobile device from anywhere on the intranet.
  • Advanced Collaboration Features
    Features collaboration functions such as the Whiteboard and Chat Room that enhance teamwork or group discussions, as well as the Moderator for more complicated meeting settings where control over meeting flow is required.

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Live streaming: Multi-channel AV mixer

  • All-in-one, everything you need
    Capture, edit, stream, and switch between two full HD video and multiple audio inputs. Instantly take your video production to the next level.
  • Intuitive, from start to finish
    Every inch of StreamLIVE™ HD has been optimized for the easiest operation, including the hardware control panel and the powerful control APP. Editing on the go was never easier.
  • Go LIVE, to every major platform
    With the built-in encoder and streaming server, all you need to do is connect to your video sources and network. Stream to 2 platforms at once or record your session to a local USB drive.

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1-Local/Remote Share Access Single Port DVI KVM over IP Switch (1920 x 1200)