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AV Signal Distribution over Distance

We have all been there. Struggling with cables and devices, trying to cover that seemingly endless distance between point A and point B. And the worst part? Covering the distance sometimes just doesn’t cut it! The quality of the distributed signal drops dramatically and you’re forced to find another solution after all.

ATEN recognizes these frustrations and as always, looks for ways to fix the problem rather than dwelling on it for too long. Over 40 years, ATEN has gained insight into combining different sources and displays, across operating systems and in almost every industry imaginable. Over the years, resulting in a wide range of ATEN products that are grounded in a vast experience and perfected with the latest technologies.


Cat cabling is just one of the technologies used by ATEN to cover large distances while distributing high quality signals. For instance the VE800A HDMI Cat 5 Extender which can extend 1080p up to 40m. Since Cat Cables are a commonly used solution in many industries, these extenders can be a cost effective and easy to incorporate solutions in many cases. Those looking for more functionalities within one single solution, might feel more for the ATEN VE802 HDBaseT HDMI Extender. HDBaseT technology allows users this device to send audio, video, control and power signals over one Cat5e/6/6a cable.

Sometimes it’s important to limit latency and provide visually lossless distribution of 4K AV signals, all while covering larger distances. ATEN developed the VE8950 4K HDMI over IP Extender with those situations in mind. This easy-to-use solution offers limitless flexibility, scalability and many other features, via a standard Gigabit network like for instance the ATEN ES0152 pre-configured network switch. What’s more, is that the VE8950 is Daisy Chainable. This makes it easy to link devices together and cover almost any distance, all while maintaining the same quality. The compatibility with USB touch screens and the videowall functionality, both for horizontal and vertical displays, ensures almost endless possibilities.

Of course, some may look to cover even more extreme distances while still minimizing interference. Those who do so, may find themselves looking into fiber as it allows the distribution of a 4K signal for up to 300 meters over multi-mode fiber and even 10 kilometers when single-mode fiber is used! Luckily for those people, ATEN has just the thing for these situations as well. The VE883 4K HDMI Optical Extender incorporates fiber technology and allows you to cover all your AV distribution needs.

For the distribution of high-quality audio signals over long distances, ATEN recently introduced it’s first product featuring Dante Technology. The VE66DTH 6 x 6 Dante Audio Interface with HDMI offers a complete audio networking solution for the distribution of uncompressed, multi-channel audio transmission over a standard Gigabit network. It brings a professional quality of audio within reach of every individual.

Incorporating ATEN solutions makes limitations due to distance a thing of the past. And why not discover more solutions to ensure maximum flexibility and an efficient set-up? A little tip for you is to check out our KVM extenders like the CE820 HDBaseT KVM extender or the CE680 Fiber optical KVM extender Discover these and more ATEN products on www.aten.com or contact our pre-sales team (free at your service, without any further requirements) for more information!