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Release Note

Welcome to CS1732A / CS1734A KVM Switches
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Version History
Version Description Note
V4.3.422 1. Improve PS/2 Keyboard compatibility
V4.3.421 1. Improve Keyboard/Mouse compatibility  
V4.2.419 1. Improved support for Logitech M105 mouse
2. Improved support for Comfort optical 200 & Comfort 3000 mouse
V4.2.418 Change default port switching button behavior, Added hotkey [S] to change port switching behavior  
V4.2.417 1. Support Piezo keyboard KM-3701
2. Support QSENN keyboard GP-K4500U
3. Support Dell MS111-L mouse
4. Support Dell MS111-T mouse
5. Support Microsoft wireless 7000 Mouse
6. Support HP mouse M-U0031-O Mouse
V4.2.416 1.Added support for DELL MS111 Mouse
2.Added support for Microsoft Sidewinder X3 Mouse
V4.2.415 1. Added support for Microsoft M200 Mouse
2. Added support for Logitech B100 Optical USB Mouse
3. Added support for Fujitsu Laser Mouse GL9000
V4.2.414 1.Added support for Logitech VXNano
2.Added support for Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro
3.Added support for Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro 2400
4.Added support for Logitech Wireless Desktop MK250 under Windows XP
5.Added support for Support for Microsoft Wireless 3000 keyboard under Windows XP
6.Added support for Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 under Windows XP
V4.2.411 Added support for Logitech V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse.  
V4.1.401 Added support for IOGEAR Keyboard/mouse sets (GKM551R, GKM502, and GKM512 )  
V3.9.381 Add Logitech VX Revolution mouse support  
V3.8.371 1. Support Logitech Cordless Desktop MX3200
2. Razer diamondack mouse
V3.5.341 1. Added support for IBM SK-8812 wireless Keyboard & Mouse
2. Added support for IOGEAR GKM541R wireless Keyboard & Mouse
3. Added support for Logitech Wireless Multimedia (Composite 41, M/N:Y-RZ42) keyboard +Mouse
V3.4.331 Added support for Logitech G7 and C-UW34 mice  
V3.2.312 Added support for Apple Mighty Mouse (Model No:A1152)  
V3.2.311 Not Released  
V3.0.291 Added support for New ASIC  
V1.3.121 Added support for IBM SK-8835 keyboard, touch pad & track point  
V1.2.113 1. Added support for MP0930 mouse
2. Added support for Acer RCM23185 wireless Keyboard & Mouse
V1.2.112 Not Released  
V1.1.101 Added "Save the Hotkey" setting  
V1.0.081 Initial Release