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Release Note

Welcome to CS1788 8 port DVI Dual Link KVM Switch
Notice: Before downloading the software , V1.4.134be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Version History
V1.5.141Improved the Microsoft keyboard/mouse compatibility
V1.4.1391. Improved the compatibility with the CV211.
2. Enhanced the compatibility with Linux platform.
3. Enhanced the compatibility with the connected USB devices.
V1.4.1361. Improved the compatibility with Mac Mini.
2. Improved the compatibility with Apple Magic Keyboard A1644.
V1.4.1341. Improved compatibility with the CL6708MW.
V1.4.1321. Improved monitor EDID issue.
V1.3.1291. Improved the compatibility with HP G2 server.
2. Improved the OSD performance.
V1.3.1281. Improved the compatibility with Mac mini.
2. Improved the compatibility with the KE6900 and the KE6940.
V1.3.1271. Improved the performance of logout timeout. 
V1.3.1231. Improved compatibility with video player
2. Improved compatibility with monitor
3. Add the manufacturing number information
V1.2.118Improved cascade function 
V1.2.117Add new feature: SET LOGIN MODE(OSD) 
V1.2.116Initial Release.