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Sports Viewing Showcase

Elevens Bar & Grill, located in Cardiff, Wales, was looking to offer guests an unparalleled sports viewing experience in a stylish and modern setting, with 20 flat screens over two floors which broadcast the biggest live sporting events from around the world in stunning 4K.

The customer desired a state-of-the-art solution that was unproblematic to use for staff at the venue, yet with the option to expand at a later stage should expansion be required to facilitate a potential increase in the number of video sources or displays.


4K Digital Signage System

4K video for up to 20 screens with synchronized sports channels shown at any one time across the two floors

Ease of Control

Simplicity and ease of operations and control for staff was vital to the customer

Simple, Fast Installation

Low cost yet effective switching solution able to be up and running in a restricted time frame

Now we have the ability to show varied entertainments across numerous different screens with the option for our guests to change channels should they request it.

Henry, Assistant Manager, Elevens Bar & Grill


Stable, Reliable Video

The ATEN solution delivers stable, reliable, and continuous video streams, and smooth switching among live broadcasted sports and news channels across two floors

Flexible & Future-Proof

The VM3200's modularity paves the way for minimal cost and hassle-free expandability with a selection of modular I/O boards that enable the bar to easily expand its HD sports and entertainment system in the future

Effortless, Centralized Control

ATEN’s Red Dot Award-winning interface provides advanced access, while the Control System provides intuitive centralized control via iPads to give the staff the ability to quickly switch between channels to entertain customers

Connection Diagram

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