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Channel 3: Applications

ATEN Remote Control & Monitoring Solutions - High-Tech Production Line

Manufacturing is among the vertical sectors to have received the largest impact of the technological developments of the last decade. Beyond the incredible cross-industry disruption created by the Internet of Things (IoT), new paradigms in consumer purchasing behavior, manufacturing services, and industrial security are beginning to upend traditional production models, leaving companies both large and small scrambling to catch up to ensure competitiveness.

Success Story - New Startegy, Serbia

New Startgey, a consulting firm located in Serbia, decided to upgrade their video presentation system, which involved the installation of a 3x3 video wall to provide stunning 4K visual experiences. The ATEN solution included the VK2100 Control Box, VK112EU 12-Button Keypad, VM6809H 8 x 9 4K HDMI Matrix Switch with Scaler, as well as VE811 HDMI HDBaseT Extenders.

Success Story - VIVE Cooking School, Australia

Previously, VIVE’s technology solution made it very difficult for students to watch demonstrations proffered by chefs up-close. The system offered no centralized control to allow for switching multiple inputs to multiple outputs; rather, it was limited to just two video inputs and outputs and teachers needed to switch cameras manually from a laptop.

Now, with the introduction of a tailored solution from ATEN that includes the 8 x 8 HDMI Matrix Switch with Scaler VM5808H, which offers a local output (8 total) for each input (8 total) as well as profiles to be pre-set so that input/output routing is done once via an online browser setup; the ATEN Control System - Compact Control Box VK1100, which allows for easy switching of VM5808H screen setup and centralised control; and, the 3G-SDI to HDMI/Audio Converter VC480, which converts a 3G/HD/SD-SDI input signal to HDMI in real time while avoiding transformation loss for both audio and video signals.

Success Story - Nan-Hu Elementary School, Taiwan

See a total control system solution including seamless switching matrix switch, HDBaseT extenders, PDU, lighting control for building an interactive eFuture classroom.

Success Story - Elevens Bar, UK - Digital Signage

Elevens Bar & Grill, the new sports bar partnership between Wales and Real Madrid footballer Gareth Bale, needed a 4K control / distribution system for its 20 screens across the two floors. The ATEN solution included the VM3200 32x32 Modular Matrix Switch, VK2100 Control Box, and our HDBaseT products.

ATEN Success Story - Artear Argentina

Artear is one of Argentina's longest running and most prolific television networks. ATEN provides the perfect solution to help Artear build two large video walls – one large 10 x 6 wall and a second 5 x 5 wall – to display up-to-the-minute content 24-7 for news editors and marketing content creators. Artear is one of Argentina's longest running and most prolific television networks. ATEN provides the perfect solution to help Artear build two large video walls – one large 10 x 6 wall and a second 5 x 5 wall – to display up-to-the-minute content 24-7 for news editors and marketing content creators.

ATEN Total Control Room Solutions

Control rooms are an essential component of many industries. At the forefront of AV / IT integration, ATEN can help you build an intelligent, collaborative control room environment.

ATEN control room solutions offer:
- Real time accuracy
- Flexible management
- Scalability
- Security & Reliability

Solutions include our KE series KVM over IP extenders, Modular Matrix Switch series for videowall applications, and CCKM KE Matrix Management Software.

ATEN Meeting Room Solutions - Powering Productivity

In today's corporate climate, the need for real-time collaboration with people across the world and connecting with multiple devices with multiple interfaces makes holding even the simplest meeting extremely complicated. ATEN Meeting Room Solutions allow you to work to your full potential with technology that works with you.

ATEN Meeting Room Solutions offer:
- Intelligent conversation technology
- Centralized control
- Flexibility
- Expandability

Solutions include our Control Box (VK2100), Expansion boxes(VK224/VK236/VK248), VK6000 Configurator Software and ATEN Control System App.

VE600A, Kuan He Banquet Hall, Taiwan

Kuan He is a large multi-functional banquet hall that provides banquet services for wedding, commercial, product-launch, year-end party occasions and many more. To accommodate various service requirements, Kuan He specifically installed a professional A/V system, hoping to fulfill customer's diverse requests on high quality audio and video performance in entertainment activities. To optimize installation, Kuan He utilized 54 sets of ATEN VanCryst™ VE600A DVI Extender to establish connections between A/V source devices and projectors mounted on the ceiling, while extending A/V signal transmission over long distance...

Case Study Video: Media Matrix Solution (MMS)

ATEN Media Matrix Solution (MMS) is able to deliver multiple audio/video sources to multiple displays. The MMS case study video used several real cases to help you get a better idea of how MMS is applied in various systems...

Case Study Video: Media Distribution Solution (MDS)

ATEN Media Distribution Solution (MDS) is a cost–effective and efficient way to send high quality A/V content over Cat 5 cable to multiple display in real time. Please check the video to see how MDS is applied in various environment...

VM0404H, VM0808T, Lion Travel, Taiwan

ATEN Professional AV Solution not only meets needs of Lion Travel for transmitting high quality signals over long distances but also creates a better work environment and increases management efficiency...

CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch - Customer's Home

Incorporating both dual PC control and a file transfer function, the CS661 allows Albert, a system support engineer, to view the status of the user's computer and make any necessary changes through his laptop; and transfer driver files directly...

CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch - Server Room

ATEN not only offers solutions for more efficient server room management but also the very handy CS661. With the CS661, Jimmy, a network administrator, can take his laptop with him when inspecting or working inside the server room...

CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch - Home

The CS661 supports Dual PC Control and File Transfer functionalities. The Dual PC Control feature means Kelly, a SOHO freelancer, can control her netbook directly through another laptop. As to the File Transfer function allows her synchronize files between the two laptops easily...

CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch - Study

The CS661 offers KVM switch functionality for two USB–enabled laptops or PCs. It enables Eric to operate his laptop and desktop simultaneously from a single console; and to display the laptop screen in full–screen mode on his larger desktop monitor...

CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch - Office

The CS661 offers simple plug and play KVM switch functionality for two USB–enabled laptops or PCs. It allows Oliver, a product manager, to set either the desktop computer or the laptop computer as the primary control console...

CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch - Conference Room

The CS661 is light and compact and provides Dual PC Control. It can be carried wherever you go. With these features, it helps David, a sales rep, to give product presentations efficiently when visiting clients...