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Release Note

Welcome to KM0032 / KM0532 / KM0932 Matrix KVM Switch
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Version History
V2.2.2111. Fixed bug of Dual Root function
2. Update KA Firmware
Main CPU: V2.2.211
KA7240: V2.2.211
KA7230: V2.2.211
KA9120: V2.6.251
KA7120: V2.6.251
KA9130: V2.4.233
KA7130: V2.4.233
KA7140: V1.1.104
KA7140R1: V1.1.104
KA7166: V1.0.095
KA7168: V1.0.095
KA7169: V1.0.095
KA9170: V3.3.329
KA9170B: V3.3.329
KA7170: V3.3.329
KA7170A: V3.3.329
KA7171: V1.1.104
KA7176: V1.2.117
KA7176A: V1.2.117
KA7177: V1.0.099
KA7177A: V1.0.099
KA7178: V1.1.103
KA7178A: V1.1.103
V1.4.1361. Added support for Audio Multicast.
2. Added support for EDID function
3. Added support for Hotkey Push video
4. Added support ATEN & Syslog server
5. Added support Hotkey push video function, Console Selector function, Disable Login Mode and Disable Toolbar.
6. Added support RADIUS、 LDAP(s) 、 TACACS+ and Active Directory
7. Added support cascade KN4140 series on child stations or via KA7120 dongle.
8. Added support KN4140 series OSD to configure KN4140 series
9. Improved DHCP function
V1.4.136 package include the following F/W:
Main CPU:V1.4.136
• KA7240: V1.4.135
• KA7230: V1.4.135
• KA9120: V2.5.243
• KA7120: V2.5.243
• KA9130: V2.4.232
• KA7130: V2.4.232
• KA7140: V1.1.101
• KA9170: V3.2.313
• KA9170B: V3.2.313
• KA7170: V3.2.313
• KA7176: V1.1.107
V1.2.114Initial Release1. Main, Adapter, and Console Module firmware upgrade file for upgrading via the KM0532 / KM0932 web browser interface. (KM0932_System_v1.2.114.fw)
2. Main, Adapter, and Console Module firmware upgrade file for upgrading via the ATEN Firmware Upgrade Utility. (KM0932_Main_v1.2.114.exe)