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Release Note

Welcome to 8/16/32/48-Port Serial Console Server with Dual Power/LAN
8/16-Port Serial Console Server
Notice: Before downloading the firmware, be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Version History
v1.7.164New & Enhancements:
- Support PAP authentication for TACACS+
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed OpenSSH vulnerability (CVE-2018-15919 & CVE-2018-15473)
- Fixed SSH connection might be denied after a certain number of login failure
v1.7.161New & Enhancements:
- Added"Response Check"(Port Access > Properties > Operating Mode) and its notification (Log > Notification Setting) feature to detect the status of connected serial devices.
Bug Fixes:
- Multiple connections to a serial might cause disconnection when"Port Name Auto Discovery"is enabled.
- For SN91xxCO/COD series, using port1 as console port is disabled by default (Device Management > OOBC > Console Port Settings).
v1.6.157- Special characters supported for password and account policy
- Added "display device name in login screen" option (Device Management > Device > Device Information)
- Saving port logs from the operating modes of Real COM Port, TCP Server/Client, UDP Server/Client, and Virtual Modem to Syslog server is supported.
v1.6.156- Fixed the remote connection issue for SN01xxCO/COD where a console server is deployed behind a firewall (NAT).
v1.6.155- Added "Port Name Auto Discovery" feature in Device Management > Device Information
- Added "Size" category in terminal settings of toolbar of SNViewer for adjusting viewer's window size
- Default password will be required to change during first-time login
- Enhanced MIB file
- Enhanced integration with CC2000
- For #1 feature, compatible network switches: Cisco, Juniper, HPE, Dell, Huawei, H3C, EdgeCore, TRENDnet, Fortinet and ATEN ES0152.