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Monitoring Markets

A major financial services and trading corporation based in Singapore decided to expand and update its system of news and data feeds. The upgraded system needed to consolidate control of all company video walls into a single, centralized system with distributed security, access, and reconfiguration controls. The key aim of this project was to provide convenient, intuitive control of data and station feeds to all floor traders, while also integrating company marketing and digital signage channels into a centralized monitoring and control system available only to the chief trading officer.


Video Walls & Displays

4x4 video wall for trading floor, 2x2 video wall for chief trader’s private office, plus additional trading room, boardroom, and training center displays

Intuitive Access & Control

Mobile control of the primary video wall and meeting room content needs to be easily and intuitively accessed by employees according to predetermined permissions

VIP Control

The chief trader’s office video wall must be able to monitor the information on all streams and content needs to be sent from stations to any other display in the firm’s offices

High-Quality Video

Required clear and stable video images to share developing financial market news and trends in real time

In addition to displaying lossless, real-time market data and news sources over dedicated, permanent feeds, the ATEN solution additionally supports the export of content from any station to any other feed.

Supported by ATEN Modular Matrix Switches and Control System


Complete, Integrated System

Alllows comprehensive linking of every available source-to-display path over a highly reliable, simply deployed, and cost-effective topography customized by ATEN

Effortless, Centralized Control

Provides intuitive centralized control via iPad to give the chief trader the ability to quickly switch between channels for the latest financial news

Long-Distance Extension

Extends stable A/V and control signals over long distances up to 100 meters with HDBaseT receivers

Seamless Switch™

Supports close-to-zero second switching, continuous video streams, and stable signal transmissions to ensure the timeliest trading decisions can be made

Connection Diagram

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