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2024/05/30Product launch, May 2024 (KN1132VB, ES0154, ES0154P, AP206, AP212, VE883A, VE883AR, VE883AT, UC3430)
2024/03/21Product launch, March 2024 (KG0016, KG0032, KG9900T, KG8900T, KG6900T, KG1900T, CE840, EA1640)
2024/02/15Product launch, February 2024 (CS1942ATC, CL5708MW, CL5716MW, VE7833A, VE7835A, UC232C)
2024/01/19We'd like to invite you to ISE 2024!
2023/10/10Product launch, October 2023 (CS1922ATC, CS1924ATC, VE1821, VE7834A)
2023/07/13Product launch, July 2023 (US3311, RCMHD101U, PG95230, PG95330, PG96230, PG963301)
2023/03/31Product launch, March 2023 (AS104, AS106, AP106, UE331C, UE332C, VP2020, VP2021)
2023/02/28Product launch, February 2023 (CS11-series)
2023/02/02Product launch, January 2023 (CM1942, SN-series, RCM-series, PE-series, PG-series)
2022/10/20Product Launch, October 2022 (US3312, CS11-series, 2L-7D02HDP, 2L-7D02UHDPX4, 2L-7D02UHDPX5, SN34-series, VE2812PR)
2022/08/31Product Launch, August 2022 (CS11-series PP V4.0, KE6910ATC, KE6920ATC, KE9950ATC, KX9970, PE-series, EA2100, 2X-EA13, 2X-EA14)
2022/06/30Product Launch, June 2022 (CS52DP, CS11XX-series PP V4.0, 2XRT-0019G, VE7831A, VE7832A)
2022/03/22Product Launch, March 2022 (VK430, VK1100A, VK2100A, UC8000, PE8324G2, PE8324G3, KA7174, KA7183, CS22HF)
2021/12/09Product Launch, December 2021 (VK1200, VK2200, VC882, VE1843, VE814AT/R, VE1901AEUT, VE1801AEUT, VP3520, PE0116SG, EA1540)
2021/11/18Product launch, November 2021 (CV10KM, UH3238, UH3239, SN3001 / SN3002, SN3001P / SN3002P)
2021/07/06Product Launch, July 2021 (CE924, CN9000, CN9950, CS18208 / CS18216, VK330, VS92DP, VC081A, PE0118SG / PE0218SG / PE0216SG / PE0224SG / PE0324SG)
2021/04/08Product launch, April 2021 (CS1953, CS19208 / CS19216, CS22H, VE8952, VM0202HB, PE4104G)
2021/03/02Product launch, March 2021 (VS381B, UE3315A)
2021/02/23Secure KVM, protect your data.
2020/11/30Product launch, November 2020 (UC9040, UC3021, VE2812AEUT, VPK312)
2020/10/29Product launch, October 2020 (VE2812AEUT, VE3912T, KE6900AiT, KE6940AiT, UC3002A, UC3008A1)
2020/10/16The LCD console for you
2020/08/18Product launch, September 2020 (CS1842, CS1844)
2020/08/18Signal Distribution Technologies (Fiber, Dante, HDBaseT and over IP)
2020/07/30Product launch, July 2020 (UC3022, VE2812AT)
2020/07/16Solution highlight: Our success stories
2020/06/30Product launch, June 2020 (VM7584K1/K2, VM8584K1/K2, VE66DTH, VE44PB)
2020/06/25Collaborative spaces (VP-, VE-, VK-series)
2020/05/26Product launch, May 2020 ( VM3250 / VM7824 / VM8824 / VK258 / VE7810X0)
2020/05/12Ensure server uptime! (LCD KVM over IP switches)
2020/04/30Product launch, April 2020 (KE6900A / KE6940A / UH3237 / VC986B)
2020/04/14Four reasons to invest in a DisplayPort KVM switch
2020/03/31Product launch, March 2020 (CS62KM / CS1822/4 / CN9600 / CL3884NW / KE6920/22 / VM6404HB / VE1830)
2020/01/16Product launch, January 2020 (VS82H / VS482B / VP1420 / VP2120 / VP1421 / UH3235)
2019/10/23Product launch, October 2019 (US3310 / US3342 / UC9020 / CL3108NX / CL3116NX)
2019/10/10Smart desktop tools, connecting your dream desk.
2019/09/19Product launch, September 2019 ( ES0152 / ES0152P / VC1280 / PE0110SG / PE0210SG)
2019/08/29KVM over IP, test it now!
2019/08/20Product launch, August 2019 (Unizon / VE2812R)
2019/07/25A wide range of videowall solutions
2019/07/11Product launch, July 2019 (KE9950 / KE9952)
2019/02/28What is HDBaseT? Where is it used?
2019/02/21Product launch, February 2019 (VK0200, UH3236, VC081)
2019/01/31Versatile multi-in-one presentation solutions (VP1920, VP2730)
2019/01/24Product launch, January 2019 (VE883, VE1801EUT, PE0112G, PE0212G, US3344I, UC3020)
2018/12/18Ultimate Pro AV flexibility and performance. (VM7904)
2018/12/11A convenient 4K multi-view KVM switch. (CM1284, CM1164A)
2018/12/04Secure KVM solutions for a multitude of applications. (Secure KVM, CS11xx)
2018/11/27Need more visibility? Duplicate your video source up to 10 times. (VS0110HA)
2018/11/22Integrate and extend up to 150m, HDBaseT transmitter with EU wall plate. (VE2812EUT)
2018/11/08Secure remote access to your KVM over IP Switch. No computer or software required. (KA8270 / KA8278 / KA8280 / KA8288)
2018/10/30Free up your space and create more flexibility! (CL3800 / CL3700 / CL3100)
2018/10/25Manage up to 16 servers locally or over IP. (KN1108VA / KN1116VA / KA7188 / KA7189)
2018/10/18A converter for a multitude of settings. (VC881)
2018/10/11Protect, access and monitor your datacenter. (CCVSR / CC2000)
2018/10/04Access your 4K DisplayPort computer remotely with HDBaseT. (CE920)
2018/09/27Going the extra distance with USB. (UEH4102, UCE3250)
2018/09/20Secure KVM solutions for a multitude of applications. (CS1144D, CS1144DP, CS1184D, CS1184DP)
2018/08/21A dual view DisplayPort workspace for multiple computers. (CS1942DP / CS1944DP)
2018/08/16Pleasure your eyes with ATEN's 4K HDR matrix switches. (VM0404HB / VM0808HB)
2018/07/31Simplify your desk, USB-C does it all! (UH3234)
2018/07/12Extend your 4K HDR signal. (VB905 / VE7832 / VE7833 / VE7834 / VE7835)
2018/07/05Switch between computers simply by moving the mouse! (CS724KM / CCKM)
2018/05/24Central And Worldwide Management. (eco DC / CC2000)
2018/05/22Distribute your 4K HDR signal across 8 displays. (VS0108HB)
2018/05/08The perfect solution for narrow spaces. (CL3800NW)
2018/04/03Instant and smart control of all your hardware. (VK112EU)
2018/03/15Bring your AV distribution to the next level. (VS0801HB / VS481C)
2018/03/13The all-in-one matrix switch series keeps expanding. (VM51616H / VM6809H / VM1600A)
2018/03/06Manage your server room in Full HD. (KH1532A)
2018/02/27Simplify your desktop, use more peripherals. (UH7230 / UH3233 / US7220)
2018/02/22Essentials to simplify your IT workflow. (CV211 / UC232B / UC232A / UC232A1)
2018/02/064K videowall, the range keeps expanding. (VE8900 / VE8950 / VM7814 / VM8814 / VE816R)
2018/01/25We'd like to invite you to ISE 2018!
2018/01/23World’s first DisplayPort KVM switch with a built-in MST hub (CS1922M / CS1924M)
2018/01/17Our smallest HDBaseT extender yet. (VE811)
2017/12/07Your video over a single Cat 5e/6A Cable? HDBaseT! (VE1812 / VE2812T)
2017/11/28Solutions - A Seamless Switching live studio
2017/11/23Wireless HDMI extender, perfect for your meeting room. (VE819)
2017/11/16Experience KVM over IP today!
2017/10/26Expansion of the LCD KVM over IP Switch family. (CL5708i / CL5716i)
2017/10/19The future is here, 4K KVM over IP connectivity. (KE8950 / KE8952)
2017/10/10Essentials to enhance your professional IT and AV solutions (UH3230 / UH3232 / 2L-2910 / UC485)
2017/10/05Compact wall plate extenders for a convenient installation. (VE807 / VE607 / VE157)
2017/08/24Expanding our DisplayPort KVM family (CS22DP)
2017/08/17ATEN introduces new 2x2 4K HDMI matrix switch (VM0202H)
2017/07/18Solutions - Media distribution in a press-room
2017/07/06New ATEN essentials for professional IT and AV solutions (UH3231 / UE3310 / UE3315 / UC232A1)
2017/06/27NEW True 4K products from ATEN (VS182B / VS184B / VB800)
2017/06/20SOLUTIONS Control rooms for traffic control
2017/06/08NEW ATEN introduces the first 4K DisplayPort Splitter (VS192 / VS194)
2017/05/24NEW ATEN's new LCD KVM over IP switch raises the bar. (KL1108VN / KL1116VN)
2017/05/11SOLUTIONS Control rooms in research and healthcare
2017/05/02NEW ATEN's new modular media distribution solution (VM3200)
2017/04/20NEW World's first Dual view HDBaseT 2.0 KVM extender (CE624)
2017/04/13NEW Introducing the first Thunderbolt 2.0 sharing switch (US7220)
2017/04/06NEW ATEN expands 4K HDMI matrix switch range. (VM0404HA / VM0808HA)
2017/03/28NEW DisplayPort extender, the latest addition to ATEN HDBaseT (VE901)
2017/03/07NEW ATEN's improved VGA Over IP control unit. (CN8000A)
2017/02/23NEW The world’s smallest portable Laptop USB Console adapter. (CV211)
2017/01/26NEW The latest innovations in desktop KVM switching technology. (CS1912 / CS1914 / CS1922 / CS1924)
2017/01/24NEW KVM over IP transmitter, in a slim design. (KE6900ST)
2017/01/23NEW USB-C, ATEN helps you make the transition. (UC3002 / UC3008)
2017/01/19NEW A cost-effective HDBaseT 2.0 KVM extender. (CE620)
2017/01/12Visit us at ISE 2017
2016/12/08NEW SDI solutions for broadcasting: uncompressed, unencrypted. (VM7404)
2016/10/20More comfort with a remote workstation. (Over IP control unit)
2016/09/22Datacenter management in Full HD! (Full HD KVM)
2016/09/08NEW One computer, two consoles! (CS261)
2016/08/16NEW Discover our new DisplayPort converters. (VC925 / VC965 / VC985 / VC981 / VC986)
2016/08/11Visit us at IBC 2016
2016/07/28Visit us at IFA 2016
2016/07/26NEW Local datacenter maintenance in Full HD. Enjoy desktop quality! (CL6708MW)
2016/07/07NEW USB peripheral switch and sharing device (US234 / US434)
2016/06/21One touch to control an entire presentation room. (VK2100)
2016/05/17NEW Serial console server (SN9108)
2016/04/19Sharp, sharper, 4K. Immerse yourself now!
2016/03/24Central and worldwide access to your entire datacenter and serverrooms (CC2000)
2016/03/15Experience the combined strength of ATEN and HDBaseT
2016/02/10NEW 4K DisplayPort KVM switch (CS782DP)
2016/02/02NEW 4K HDBaseT Matrix-Switches (VM3404H / VM3909H)
2016/01/26NEW KVM over IP switches (KN4164V / KN8132V / KN8164V)
2016/01/12Visit us at ISE 2016
2015/12/22NEW Multicast wireless HDMI Extender / Switch (VE849)
2015/12/17NEW ATEN Hardware Controller and Configurator (VK2100 / VK6000)
2015/12/15NEW DVI-D HDBaseT Lite Extender (VE601)
2015/12/01NEW DVI Matrix Switch with Videowall and Scaler (VM5404D / VM5808D)
2015/11/18ATEN wins the Red Dot Interface Design Award
2015/08/20Visit us at IBC 2015
2015/07/29NEW HDBaseT Lite extenders (VE802)
2015/06/02NEW Intelligent PDUs for smart and centralized energy management (PE5xxx / PE7xxx)
2015/04/29NEW VE801 HDBaseT Lite extender (VE801)