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2024/06/19ATEN eNews June - One-Click Magic Trick: ATEN's AI-Generated Music Video Tribute to KVM Switches!
2024/05/17ATEN eNews May - Explore ATEN's New 4K Video Wall Processor, Secure Device Servers, AI Server Management & More✨
2024/04/17ATEN eNews April - Discover CAMLIVE™ PRO, Cable KVM Switches, and Join ATEN at COMPUTEX 2024!
2024/03/14ATEN eNews March - Elevate Your Desk and Productivity: Discover the CS22HF's Multi-Computer Control!
2024/02/20ATEN eNews February - ATEN Award-Winning Boundless KVM Switch CM1942 & Transforming Conference Spaces for the Better!
2024/01/16ATEN eNews January - Discover ATEN DigiKVM™: Accelerating Server Room Digitalization & Celebrating 45 Years of Innovation!
2023/12/15ATEN eNews December - Switch, Create, and Excel with ATEN Duo Flex 2-Port 4K DisplayPort KVM Switch
2023/11/16ATEN eNews November - Exclusive ATEN Lucky Draw: Win a Sustainable Power Boost!
2023/10/16ATEN eNews October - ATEN wins another Good Design Award 2023 for Video Wall Processor Series!
2023/09/15ATEN eNews September - Re-imagine Your Workspace with ATEN Mini Matrix KVM Switch (CM1942), Embrace Flexibility & Collaboration with ATEN’s Open API
2023/08/16ATEN eNews August - Award-Winning ATEN Solutions, Eco-Friendly Data Center Innovations, and Fresh Takes in the Broadcasting Market!
2023/07/18ATEN eNews July - ATEN Hybrid Meeting Space Solutions Walkthrough Video, PresentON™ VP2021 Wins 2023 Best of InfoComm Award!
2023/06/20ATEN eNews June - Leading You to Future Intelligence: Thanks for Joining ATEN at COMPUTEX 2023, Visit Our Virtual Booth!
2023/05/18ATEN eNews May - Explore the Tech Frontier: Future Innovation with ATEN at Computex 2023!
2023/04/18ATEN eNews April - ATEN Launches 2-Port 4K DisplayPort USB-C KVM Dock Switch (US3311)
2023/03/15ATEN eNews March - ATEN Presentation Switches for Corporate & Education Applications, PG series eco PDU to Optimize Data Center Sustainability
2023/02/15ATEN eNews February - ATEN PresentON™ - Start Multi-party Collaboration Instantly with Wireless Sharing (VP2020/VP2021)
2023/01/17ATEN eNews January - ATEN Control Room solutions & HDBaseT™ Success Story
2022/12/15ATEN eNews December - Optimize Data Center Sustainability with ATEN PG Series eco PDUs
2022/11/15ATEN eNews November - Jump Start Desktop Productivity with ATEN New 2-Port 4K DisplayPort Dual Display Mini-Matrix Boundless KVM Switch – CM1942
2022/10/18ATEN eNews October - Optimize Data Center Sustainability with ATEN 3-Phase Intelligent PDUs (PG98230/PG98330)
2022/09/16ATEN eNews September - Fast Switching between Two USB-C Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, or Smartphones with ATEN New Cable KVM Switch - US3312
2022/08/18ATEN eNews August - Re-envision Control Rooms with 5K and Robust System Reliability - ATEN KX9970
2022/07/13ATEN eNews July - Meet ATEN KVM over IP Matrix System Solutions for the Control Room of the Future!
2022/06/16ATEN eNews June - ATEN Newly Launched Secure Device Server - SN3000 Series, Download Smart Classroom Solutions Guide!
2022/05/18ATEN eNews May - Safeguard Data Access with ATEN Secure KVM Solutions & Newly Launched Cable KVM Switch (CS22HF)
2022/04/15ATEN eNews April - Re-imagine KVM Switching with the Power of USB-C: Introducing the ATEN CS52DP Cable KVM Switch!
2022/03/18ATEN eNews March - The best hardware solutions for your hybrid office. Plus, vote for ATEN to win in the Inavations Awards!
2022/02/17ATEN eNews February - The VE1843 offers uncompressed True 4K AV extension with HDBaseT 3.0 technology!
2022/01/19ATEN eNews January - Introducing The Industry's First AI-optimized Podcast Audio Mixer - MicLIVE 6-CH
2021/12/17ATEN eNEWs December - Vote for ATEN to win in the 2022 Inavation Awards! Plus, watch video to know how to make your workflow easier with CS1953!
2021/11/17ATEN eNews November - ATEN’s innovative KVM Switch solutions for facilitating new approaches to IT management
2021/11/16ATEN eNews October - The Era of HDBaseT™ Has Arrived - Learn more about ATEN's complete lineup of HDBaseT™ Solutions
2021/11/16ATEN eNews September - Introducing The UH3239: A Sleek, Compact 6-Port USB-C Dock
2021/11/16ATEN eNews August - Find out how to flexibly work from anywhere with ATEN hybrid workplace solutions!
2021/07/15ATEN eNews July - How to Set up & Manage Multiple Display and Video Walls with the ATEN Video Matrix Solutions?
2021/06/15ATEN eNews June - We are at COMPUTEX Virtual 2021! Learn more about the on-the-go livestreaming control of UC9040 StreamLive PRO!
2021/05/15ATEN eNews May - Vote for ATEN to win the Inavation Awards! Take control of your entire stream with UC3022's new remote deck feature!
2021/04/15ATEN eNews April - View ATEN Modular Matrix Solution Series eBook, Learn More about Banking & Finance & Corporate Solutions, Visit ATEN Booth at Interop Tokyo 2021
2021/03/17ATEN eNews March - Work Smart with Desktop Agility in Hybrid Workspaces (CS1953), Single Port 4K DisplayPort KVM over IP Switch (CN9950), Solutions for the Control Room
2021/02/18ATEN eNews February - How to Teach Remotely with Pro-level Livestreaming with ATEN StreamLIVE HD and CAMLIVE (UC9020+UC3020), Download Government Solutions Guide!
2021/01/18ATEN eNews January - ATEN UC9040 StreamLIVE™ PRO Wins Innovative Product Award, ATEN New Markets & Solutions - Media & Telecoms & Retail
2020/12/21ATEN eNews December - ATEN Webinar: Enhance Productivity & Security with KVM Switch, New Cable KVM Switch, Solutions for Utilities & Resources, Hospitality & Entertainment
2020/11/13ATEN eNews November - ATEN New StreamLIVE PRO All-in-one 4-port HDMI AV Mixer, CAMLIVE™ PRO Applications, Hybrid Video Extension Solutions for Meeting Spaces
2020/10/15ATEN eNews October - Next Level Mobile Streaming with ATEN CAMLIVE™+, New CS1953 3-port USB-C DisplayPort Hybrid KVMP™ Switch, Join FREE ATEN Expert Talks!
2020/09/15ATEN eNews September - ATEN Newly Launched UC9040 StreamLIVE PRO All-in-one Multi-channel AV Mixer! Join Expert Talks, Download KVM over IP Matrix System Selection Guide
2020/08/19ATEN eNews August - ATEN Presentation Switches' Limited Offer: FREE Remote Pad! Join Virtual EXPO, Learn About Secure KVM Solution & New HDBaseT Wall Plate Transmitters
2020/07/13ATEN eNews July - Join ATEN HDBaseT Alliance Webinar, Download Wall Plate Extender Series Guide, 3 Reasons Why Hardware Beats Software for Remote Work
2020/06/15ATEN eNews June - ATEN Newly Launched UC3022 CAMLIVE Pro 4K Video Capture / Switch with Wireless Control, Join us at InfoComm 2020, Register for HDBaseT Webinar!
2020/05/15ATEN eNews May - Join ATEN Webinar for Presentation Switches Collabration Solutions! UC9020 StreamLive HD Applications & OnAir Live Video Production App
2020/04/14ATEN eNews April - ATEN Introduces Remote Working & Livestreaming & Digital Signage Solution, HDBaseT & Fiber KVM Extender Brochure Free Download!
2020/03/09ATEN eNews March - Sign Up FREE for ATEN Remote Working Webinar, Download Video Presentation Switches Brochure & ISE 2020 Event Guide, Install 2-in-1U Mounting Kit Video
2020/02/14ATEN eNews February - Download ATEN Healthcare Solutions Guide, Out-of-band (OOB) Server Management Case Study, Thunderbolt & USB-C Accessories Product Catalog
2020/01/16ATEN eNews January - Join ATEN 'Out of Band Management for Server Rooms' Webinar & Visit Booth #8-K200 at ISE 2020 & Join Expert Talks Onshow Webinar in Amsterdam!
2019/12/16ATEN eNews December - ATEN New 4K Presentation Switches VP1420 & VP1421, Participates 2019 HDBaseT Plugfest, Digital Signage & Surveillance Case Study
2019/11/15ATEN eNews November - ATEN Launches VP2120 Seamless Presentation Switch with Multistreaming & UH3235 USB-C Ultra 4K Gaming Mini Dock
2019/10/15ATEN eNews October - ATEN UC9020 StreamLIVE™ All-in-one AV Mixer Wins Good Design Award, Download KVM Server Room Solutions Case Study, Visit Us at InfoComm Colombia 2019
2019/09/17ATEN eNews September - ATEN Newly Launch UC9020 StreamLIVE™ HD All-in-one Multi-channel AV Mixer, Join Us for High-Tech Production Line Webinar & GITEX 2019
2019/08/16ATEN eNews August - New USB-C Dock/Sharing Switches Unveiled, New Serbia Case Study, ATEN Wins HR Award
2019/07/16ATEN eNews July - Remote Management Solutions Guide / ATEN Recognized as One of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia
2019/06/14ATEN eNews June - New Product: Unizon AV Management Platform & Award Winning Products: UC9020 Best Choice Award, CM1284 /CS724KM Interop Best of Show
2019/05/15ATEN eNews May - KE6912 2K DVI-D Dual Link KVM over IP Extender with PoE, HDBaseT 2.0 Feature Article, Computex 2019 Expert Talks
2019/04/15ATEN eNews April - UC3020 CAMLIVE™ HDMI to USB-C UVC Video Capture, Digital Signage & Multifunction Room Case Study, Computex 2019
2019/03/15ATEN eNews March - UH3236 USB-C Multiport Mini Dock & Versatile Conference Room Case Study
2019/02/18ATEN eNews February - Presentation Matrix Switch Series Videos, 2019 Product Catalogs and ISE Review
2019/01/15ATEN eNews January - 4K/FHD Boundless Multi-View KVM Switches video & Wall Plate Extenders Series Product Guide
2018/12/12ATEN eNews December 2018 - True 4K Series with HDR & New Startegy Meeting Room Case Study
2018/11/15ATEN eNews November 2018 - Multi-in-One Presentation Switches Series & Boundless Switching Solution
2018/10/22ATEN eNews October 2018 - Case Study Yungching Realty Group - Showroom, Taiwan & Security Control Room, ANZ
2018/09/17ATEN eNews September 2018 - New Product: HDBaseT Wall Plate Transmitters
2018/08/17ATEN eNews August 2018 - KVM over IP Matrix System Solution, Join IBC 2018, IFA 2018 & Infocomm INDIA
2018/07/16ATEN eNews July 2018 - 4-Port USB Boundless KM Switch & Ultra Short Depth LCD Console ; New opening Milan Showroom & 2018 DCD India
2018/06/18ATEN eNews June 2018 - USB-C Ultra-Slim Multiport Dock, Booth Tour video of Computex & InfoComm Las Vegas, ATEN Taipei showroom Opening
2018/05/21ATEN eNews May 2018 - Upcoming Computex 2018; Secure KVM Series; Control Room Solutions
2018/04/20ATEN eNews April 2018 - 2018 Red Dot Award Wining Product: VE8950, New Industry Leading Ultra Short Depth LCD Console & Server Room Solutions Guide
2018/03/20ATEN eNews March 2018 - ATEN Docking Series, HDBaseT Webinar, & Upcoming Events
2018/02/20ATEN eNews February 2018 - 4K Video over IP Series, Gareth Bale's bar, and HDBaseT Webinar
2018/01/26ATEN eNews January 2018 - Global Showroom, Thunderbolt 3 Multiport Dock, & ISE 2018
2017/12/21ATEN eNews December 2017 - How a 4K HDMI over IP solution saves integrators time & money
2017/11/20ATEN eNews November 2017 - ATEN enters the InAVation Awards 2018 Finals!
2017/10/20ATEN eNews October 2017 - ATEN USB-C Solutions Expand your Laptop Connection Anytime, Anywhere
2017/09/20ATEN eNews September 2017 - ATEN 4K KVM over IP extenders wins IBC Best of Show: This Month from ATEN
2017/08/28ATEN eNews August 2017 - ATEN upgrades HDBaseT resources, hosts cross-India roadshow
2017/07/20ATEN eNews June 2017 - Broadcasting & Media // Video Walls
2017/06/16ATEN eNews June 2017 - Modular Matrix Series
2017/05/19ATEN eNews May 2017 - ATEN Control System
2017/04/19ATEN eNews April 2017 - VM3200
2017/03/17ATEN eNews March 2017 - US7220
2017/02/16ATEN eNews February 2017 - CE624
2017/01/26ATEN eNews January 2017 - CV211
2016/11/17ATEN eNews November 2016 - VK248
2016/11/10ATEN eNews November 2016 - CS1922/4
2016/10/17ATEN eNews October 2016 - CE604
2016/09/28ATEN eNews September 2016 - VM0808HA
2016/09/13ATEN eNews September 2016 - Events
2016/08/31ATEN eNews August 2016 - CE750A
2016/07/28ATEN eNews July 2016 - Cables!
2016/07/26ATEN eNews July 2016 - Serial Console Server
2016/07/15ATEN eNews July 2016 - CS261
2016/07/13ATEN eNews July 2016 - Control System
2016/06/17ATEN eNews June 2016
2016/05/17ATEN eNews May 2016
2016/04/15ATEN eNews April 2016
2016/03/17ATEN eNews March 2016
2016/02/16ATEN eNews February 2016
2016/01/18ATEN eNews January 2016
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