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Release Note

Welcome to KN1108v / KN1116v KVM over IP
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version is cumulative and includes the corrections contained in all previous revisions. There is no need to install previous version if you are installing this one.
Version History
V1.0.0901. Support PadClient
2. Improved WinClient/JavaClient compatibility
3. Support SNMP V1/V3 version
V1.0.088Improve Security from XSS attack 
V1.0.086Improve OS capacity 
V1.0.085Improve SSL security 
V1.0.0771. Improved IE11 compatibility.
2. Improved Jave Client, Winclient compatibility for Windows 8.1.
3. Improved compatibility to KA series products.
4. Enhanced SSH/SSL Security.
V1.0.0731. Support Array Mode in WEB UI/local console
2. Support using keyboard/mouse at front panel USB port
3. Support KA7166, KA7168, and KA7169
4. Support PON operation on the OSD toolbar
5. Support new function of Update Adapter Display Information
V1.0.068Initial Release. 
V1.0.066Initial Release.