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Optimizing Data Visualization

One of South Korea's largest comprehensive financial groups, comprising banking, securities, and insurance subsidiaries, identified the need for a new IT center. The purpose of this center was to integrate data from all subsidiaries and leverage cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, cloud, and AI, to generate new business opportunities.
To achieve this, the integrated data center must have three control rooms capable of real-time data retrieval from the server room, multi-party information monitoring, analysis, and authority management. The ultimate goal was to facilitate the best decision-making processes. Therefore, the center must prioritize optimal data visualization and seamless data integration. Alongside video walls, efficient operation necessitates an intuitive control and management system for multiple computers and monitors.

The ATEN control room solution allows for the real-time monitoring of integrated multi-source data for optimized visualization & analysis.

Supported by ATEN KVM over IP Matrix System and Modular Matrix Switch Solutions

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