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About ATEN

Kevin Chen


Kevin Chen, the president and general manager of ATEN International, holds an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from National Taiwan University, one of the world’s top institutes of higher learning. Coming from a background in hardware R&D, Kevin’s ability to identify gaps in the market and create innovative, high-quality solutions to fill them, has helped ATEN become the IT management and communication solution powerhouse it is today.


Nicholas Lin

Senior Vice President, President Office / Global Marketing Division / Research and Development Division

Nicholas holds Executive Master of Business Administration and Master of Electrical Engineering degrees from National Taiwan University. Prior to joining ATEN, Nicholas was a Senior Engineer at a multinational information technology company and then the Director at an audiovisual manufacturing company. Nicholas joined ATEN as the Head of the Research & Development Division. In his current role, he sets the goals and annual strategies for President Office, Global Marketing and Research and Development Divisions.


Vince Lin

Vice President, Manufacturing Division

Vince holds a Master's degree from the Department of Industrial and Information Management in the Institute of Information Management at National Cheng Kung University. Prior to joining ATEN, Vince served in multinational information technology companies as a President and an Executive of business unit, product management, and SCM. Vince joined ATEN as the Head of the Manufacturing Division.