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Why ATEN Ultra Short Depth Solutions?

The new series provides a space-optimizing solution with an industry-leading ultra short depth design in a 1U 18.5" LCD console for both dual rail and single rail models. It is specifically designed for control environments where space is limited, including outside broadcast vans (OB vans), portable rack mount cases or any computer room where space is at a premium.

Industry Leading
Ultra Short Depth
Both 18.5" single/dual rail ultra short depth designs are especially suitable for OB vans, portable rack mount cases or any computer room where space is at a premium.
Space Saving
Dual Rail Design
CL3800 dual rail design allows LCD monitor and keyboard modules to operate independently, optimizing space utilization while providing 24/7 monitoring.

Second Console for
Flexible Deployment

The ultra short depth series enables users to extend the console control to the workspace with ease, and provides second admin capability.

Supports Popular Interfaces,

CL3800 allows users to connect the console via the most widely-used types of video interface, HDMI, DVI and VGA.


OB Vans

Premium Spaces

Portable Rack Mount Cases

Available Products


4K HDMI over IP Transmitter


4K HDMI over IP Receiver


HDMI over IP Transmitter


HDMI over IP Receiver

Series Products

  • * Note: The depth depends on rack mount kit type