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3 Secure Solutions for Better Onboard Data Management

Safeguard maritime data with remote, centralized control

Onboard data management on vessels from merchant ships to superyachts is invaluable for operations in today’s maritime industry. While the maritime industry can be considered to be in the infancy of cybersecurity,that doesn't mean vessels shouldn't be safeguarded from threat actors as the attack surface grows. Multiplatform support is important in server administration to lower the installation complexity. Supporting multiple operating systems such as Windows, Solaris, and Linux ensures that there are no compatibility issues in the server room. ATEN helps maritime companies to attain these goals via powerful products that offer remote control, centralized management, and multiplatform support.

To accomplish the ultimate control over a secure server room from a remote control room we have put together the following example.

An installation such as this be can be used to gain access from various consoles in the wheelhouse to navigation servers that are located in a secure room. This is a closed-loop configuration in which the console stations (KA series) are connected directly to the KVM over IP switch (KN series), and additionally the secure server room is equipped with a serial console server (SN series). These three series make up the three solutions you’ll need for better onboard data management.

1. Choosing Over IP for Console Stations

The KA82 series is comprised of standalone consoles used to replace PCs in environments where PCs cannot be used or where space saving is vital. In addition, they offer impenetrable security against virus threats. They can centrally manage all servers that are connected to the KN4164V KVM over IP switch. Users can monitor 64 servers simultaneously through its Panel Array Mode™ function.

With the KN4164V, you can allow up to 32 remote user logins from KA82 console stations, and up to four active users can access the servers connected to the KN simultaneously via the four remote bus connections that the KN offers. With KN’s Share Mode, the other 28 users in the queue are granted server access once the previous active user becomes idle for a certain amount of time. Video feeds from the four active server connections can be shared with the 28 users in the queue.

2. Expanding Your Network and Gaining Outside Access

If you need even more access, you can connect the KN4164V KVM over IP switch to the network. This opens up the possibility to connect a unit outside of the closed loop configuration, such as a laptop in the captain’s quarters or even outside of the ship. From this unit, you will be able to monitor and even have limited access to the server room. Having an LCD console connected to the KN4164V KVM over IP switch will make sure local access is also possible.

Despite there being a new access point with this setup, the KN4164V features high-grade security including FIPS 140-2 level 1 security standards that use an embedded FIPS 140-2-certified OpenSSL security cryptographic module. In addition, it supports remote authentication support including RADIUS, LDAP, LDAPS, and MS Active Directory.

3. Additional Security for Closed-loops

A closed-loop configuration is already very secure. However we wouldn’t be ATEN if we didn’t implement additional security measures. The KA82 series supports various data encryption methods. The KN41 series offers high-grade security through FIPS 140-2, with level-1 security standards. Additionally, the SN0132CO supports a range of security technologies that include configurable user permissions for port access and control and more.

ATEN Solutions for Maritime Vessels

ATEN specializes in varied, secure solutions to digitize maritime operations and meet the needs of integrators, crews, and stakeholders. These include:

  • Standalone consoles that replaces PCs or laptops, enabling users to remotely access, monitor and control all servers connected to multiple ATEN’s KVM over IP switches with impenetrable security against virus threats
  • Local console and remote over IP access for users to monitor and access their entire data center over a network
  • Centralized Management Software that provides IT teams with a comprehensive solution that enables central management of their IT infrastructure locally and worldwide through a single portal

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