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KE Matrix Management Software

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  • Intuitive Dashboard - System Status, Device Connections, Scheduled Profiles, and User Sessions
  • Boundless Switching - simply move the mouse cursor across screen boundaries to switch between different receivers
  • Preview all transmitters video content at a glance
  • Instant link provides real time connection, allowing users to select or drag/drop a transmitter to a receiver.

ATEN’s KE Matrix Management Software provides IT administrators with tools to centralize the control and management of KE series devices in their IT environment. It allows easy administration of all KE series devices with a user-friendly, web-based GUI.

The KE Matrix Management Primary-Secondary architecture safeguards data transmissions through builtin redundancy factors, including automated database backup of primary and secondary servers and devices in addition to real-time database updating. Redundancy ensures that if any server hosting the KE Matrix Management Software goes down, the system will remain functioning, since a redundant secondary server maintains all the required services until the primary server comes back up.*

Through ATEN’s KE Matrix Management Software, the KE series devices provide advanced features for username and password authentication, user authorization and auto-detection of all devices – that can be switched and shared. With security transmissions in mind, the KE series devices implement AES encryption, while RADIUS, LDAP and AD ensure secure authentication.

IT administrators receive the following benefits implementing the KE Matrix Management Software:
• Advanced features for multi-displays, video grouping, fast switching, profile broadcasting, and media playback scheduling.
• Greater access with quick and easy control tools for configuration of KE devices.
• Secure and reliable access with AES encryption and server redundancy.

* To set up server redundancy, installation of the CCKM USB license key on both the primary and secondary servers is required.

Package Contents

  • 1x CCKM USB License Key
  • 1x User Instructions
  • Management
  • Effortless control ES0152P network switch via a simple click
  • Centralized KE Matrix Management Software, allowing you to configure, administer, control, and maintain all KE series devices via an intuitive web based GUI
  • Effortless control ES series network switch devices via a simple click
  • One-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many TX/RX connections
  • Profiles save and reserve unlimited TX to RX device connections
  • Channel connections allow RX devices to connect to multiple TX devices – to stream video, audio, USB and serial sources independently
  • Configurable user and group permissions for access and control of KE devices
  • Administrators can set access modes on TX devices for collaboration or to avoid interference among users
  • Primary-Secondary architecture provides system redundancy
  • Administrators easily view KE status and the latest system events in the GUI dashboard

  • Flexible and Efficient Operations
  • Unlimited Video Walls – create multiple video walls with up to 8 x 8 (64 displays max) in each layoutNEW!
  • Advanced Scheduling – improves efficiency and saves costs by allowing media playback to be set based on time and date NEW!
  • Video grouping of up to 4 sets of KE series devices to support Multi-Display applications
  • Fast switching feature changes transmitter/receiver connections in under a second

  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Browser-based GUI offers a multi-language interface to minimize user training time and increase productivity
  • Multi-browser support: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Mozilla
  • Filter and export function for system event logs
  • Email notification of specified system event logs
  • Multi-platform installation support: Windows, Linux
  • Multi-platform client support: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Sun

  • Advanced Security
  • User account authentication and management
  • CCKM supports both internal and external authentication – external authentication supports LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS and TACACS+
  • Data transmission is secured by AES encryption

    Please refer to the FAQ link below on how to select network switches and network switch information collected by ATEN Customer Service Division, where the collected information includes customer's feedback from their actual experience in using and installing the product(s).
Compatible Appliances
KVM over IP switchesKE6900T/KE6900R/KE6940T/KE6940R/KE6900AT/KE6900AR/KE6940AT/KE6940AR/KE6910T/KE6910R/KE6912T/KE6912R/KE6920T/KE6920R/KE6922T/KE6922R/KE6900AiT/KE6940AiT/KE6900ST/KE8950T/KE8950R/KE8952T/KE8952R/KE8900ST/KE8900SR/KE9950T/KE9950R/KE9952T/KE9952R/KE9900ST
Authentication & AuthorizationUser account authentication and management (Administrator, super user, and user)
CCKM supports both internal and external authentication – external authentication supports LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS and TACACS+
Data transmission is secured by AES-128 encryption
SecurityData transmission is secured by AES-128 encryption
Network Protocol & IP ToolsIPv4, SSH, and Telnet.
SNMP (v1, v3).
System message.
Task schedulingCCKM database and configuration backup/restore (encryptable).
Device firmware upgrade.
Export logs by day, period (.csv).
Export device logs by severity (.csv).
Export Device List (.csv).
LogsSystem logs.
Device logs.
Serial console server logs.
SNMP traps.
SNMP agent.
Server RedundancyPrimary/secondary architecture.
1 primary with a maximum of 5 secondary servers.
Supported OSWindows: 7, 8.1, 10, server 2008, server 2012, server 2016, server 2019.
Linux: Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7.
*Both Windows and Linux only support JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) or OpenJDK up to version 8.
Supported BrowsersInternet Explorer (10 or later), Chrome (70 or later), Firefox (62 or later).
Multilingual SupportEnglish, 繁體中文, 简体中文, 日本語, 한국어, Française, Español, Português, Deutsch, Pусский.
OthersSystem Status Dashboard
TX/RX Connections Dashboard
Scheduled Profile Dashboard
Online User/Account Management
Instant link
TX/RX Preview Image
Video Walls Setting
TX/RX groups Setting
USB License OptionsCCKM (No limitation for node-count)
Each CCKM server requires a separate license to activate, including primary and secondary servers.
Basic (free)8 Nodes, including primary and secondary servers.
Minimum Hardware RequirementsCPU: Pentium 4, 2.60 GHz or higher
Memory: 8 GB
Hard drive: 500 MB or more free space
Ethernet: Giga LAN
Package Contents1x CCKM USB License Key (inapplicable to Virtual License)
1x User Instructions

DescriptionVer.Release DateFile Name
Firmware Upgradev2.7.2622015-12-17 cckm-authkey_v2.7.262.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.2.2112015-12-17 cckm-keystatus_v2.2.211.zip
ОSDescriptionVer.Release DateFile Name
MIB File
MIB Filesv2.2.2162021-12-03 cckm_MIB_File_v2.2.216.zip
Upgrade Software
Linux, WindowsInstallation SoftwareThe Latest Version2021-01-11 Download the latest version
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