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Demo & Training Center

ATEN develops hardware for pro AV and IT connectivity and management since 1979. You can find ATEN almost everywhere in your daily life. The demo and training center is open for visit each day of the week. The permanent demonstration includes 5 scenarios which are regularly accompanied with temporary novelties and request-based demonstrations.

Discover: 5 scenarios


The finest details can make the difference in your control room. ATEN provides complete control room hardware solutions, combining KVM and AV matrix switches, central hardware control and intelligent energy management.

Control room administrators need to switch seamlessly between a multitude of sources, and push and pull content to workstations and videowalls based on various user rights. ATEN helps you to manage all control room hardware from a centrally managed and custom-designed interface, accessible only to permitted users.

Datacenter, serverrooms and desktop solutions

From small to large serverrooms and datacenters, ATEN can provide worldwide over IP management for IT managers on the road, at home or at the office.

KVM over IP switches help you to manage up to 64 servers at once. Compact, rackmountable LCD consoles improve server-accessibility, while intelligent PDU's help you to keep track of energy usage and critical power alerts.

Huddle spaces, meeting and presentation area

A new presentation switch series combines multiple interfaces, often needed in meeting and presentation rooms, in a single device. In 2018, ATEN will launch its first over IP presentation switcher, with more models following soon after.

ATEN central hardware controller, splitters, matrix switches, extenders and converters already are the backbone of everyday huddle spaces, conference and presentation rooms. The new presentation switch series will be another highly professional addition to the team.

Signage and information in public spaces

Large campuses such as airports, government institutions, universities, shopping malls, ... require excellent information delivery. 4K over IP extenders allow you to connect multiple 4K sources and 4K displays over long distances in a single digital signage installation. Multiple operating systems can be neatly combined. From a web interface, you can push content through custom-designed connection profiles and create videowalls and mirroring displays as you desire.

Sports bars, studios, hotels, ...

ATEN hardware AV signal distribution can provide for high quality and long distance distribution, often used in retail and entertainment business. Combine sources and displays of any kind and operating systems of any type in a single, centrally managed device.

HDBaseT is the one-cable standard for AV and IT connectivity. ATEN is a contributing member to the HDBaseT Alliance. Since 2013, we launched videowall processors, matrix switches, splitters, presentation switchers and extenders equipped with the HDBaseT technology.

Get trained

Consider this Demo & Training Center as yours. You can come in group or as an individual. Simply register to one of our monthly trainings or request a dedicated session, to connect your own gear and see it life.
Upcoming webinars
17 November 2020ATEN Webinar: Find your Multi-view Desktop

(14:00 - 14:30 | English)

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Monthly training schedule
1st Tuesday of the monthATEN in your daily life: on the road, at work, after hours and at home.Milan, IT
Madrid, ES
Paris, FR
Heusden-Zolder, BE
2nd Tuesday of the monthChoosing the right hardware for local and remote IT infrastructure management.Milan, IT
Madrid, ES
Paris, FR
Heusden-Zolder, BE
3rd Tuesday of the monthChoosing the right hardware for AV signal distribution.Milan, IT
Madrid, ES
Paris, FR
Heusden-Zolder, BE
4th Tuesday of the monthThe VK control system, how to easily create an App that controls your entire installation.Milan, IT
Madrid, ES
Paris, FR
Heusden-Zolder, BE

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Come and visit us in Milan, Madrid, Paris or Heusden-Zolder.

Training guide

Discover our 5 scenarios in depth. There is always more to see, as new models come in on monthly base.


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Training Guide

Discover our 5 scenarios in depth.


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Ultra Short Depth Dual Rail WideScreen LCD Console (USB, HDMI / DVI / VGA)

A glimpse in our permanent collection


7 x 3 Seamless Presentation Matrix Switch with Scaler, Streaming, Audio Mixer, and HDBaseT


1-Local/1-Remote Access 8-Port Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch with Virtual Media (1920 x 1200)

eco DC

Energy & DCIM Management Web GUI


ATEN Control System - 12-button Keypad (EU, 2 Gang)


16 x 16 Modular Matrix Switch


HDMI Dongle Wireless Extender (1080p@10m)


HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Extender (4K@40m) (HDBaseT Class B)


15A/10A 8-Outlet 1U Outlet-Metered & Switched eco PDU


ATEN Control System - Control Box

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