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Henkel - Conference Room, Serbia

Henkel, a multinational company with leading products in the Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care, and Laundry & Home Care sectors, established a new facility in Kruševac, rbia, to expand production. Th...

TusData - Classroom & Digital Signage, Turkey

Tusdata, a medical training center located in Ankara, Turkey, was planning to move its main facilities to a new location in a high-rise building. In order to continue providing the best medical traini...


ATEN Remote Control & Monitoring Solutions - High-Tech Production Line

Manufacturing is among the vertical sectors to have received the largest impact of the technological developments of the last decade. Beyond the incredible cross-industry disruption created by the Int...

Celebrating 40 Years of Passion for Excellence at ATEN

ATEN is with you at every step of the way in this new, connected world. To help you make decisions, share your special moments, and protect you and your loved ones. From data centers to shopping malls...

FH600 Obsolète

Concentrateur FireWire 6 ports

Les concentrateurs IEEE 1394 FH600 offrent six ports conformes à la norme 1394a permettant des vitesses de transfert de données de 100, 200 et 400 Mbits/s. Chaque port bascule automatiquement sur la v...

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... FH600 UH9124 Convertisseurs USB UC10T UC110T UC2000L UC210T COMMUTATEURS DE PÉRIPHÉRIQUES US221 US421 US401 Émulateur de boîtier de commande UC410 Unité PDU pour bâti à intelligence énergétique PDU en...

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