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ATEN is extremely proud to be marking our 40th anniversary – a significant milestone that few companies achieve.

It is particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as the future for the AV/IT industry looks so bright. Demand for the integration of AV/IT technologies continues to grow, and ATEN is at the forefront, building new, dynamic markets for our products and partners around the globe, and playing its part in bringing the AV and IT worlds together.

To all our employees, customers, stakeholders and friends – I thank you for your continued commitment to ATEN. We hope to be able to share the celebration of our 40th Anniversary with you throughout the year.

Here’s to another 40 years of “Passion for Excellence”.

Kevin Chen

President of ATEN International

ATEN Milestones

2019 marks ATEN’s 40th Anniversary since the company was established in 1979. We are proud to recognize the important moments that have shaped our past and our present, and to celebrate our commitment to innovation with you!

  • 1979 - ATEN established
  • 1990 - ATEN brand products launched
  • 1996 - First U.S. subsidiary established
  • 2003 - TWSE listed
  • 2006 - ATEN expands R&D scale, establishes R&D HQ
  • 2009 - Europe Operation Center inaugurated in Belgium
  • 2010 - Professional AV product line launched
  • 2012 - Green Energy product line launched
  • 2015 - Highest KVM revenue in Europe and Asia
  • 2018 - Total of 24 showrooms worldwide
  • 2019 - 40th Anniversary

Our Achievements in Innovation


Dog Horn Intelligent Alarm

Dog Horn Intelligent Alarm was the very first ATEN product. It incorporates an electronic watchdog barking sound for home protection.

GL360 Home Automation System

GL360 Home Automation System was one of the most advanced anti-theft and surveillance home automation systems. It was able to connect to a control center with many different settings, including a wireless remote control function.

MP401B Printer Auto Switch

MP401B Printer Auto Switch was one of the most popular switches for printers with a long-selling history. It has an LED electronic marquee display, which was the most cutting-edge display mode at the time.


AS248T/R Printer Auto Switch

AS248T/R Printer Auto Switch was ATEN’s first printer auto switch with printing via Internet function. It was also ATEN’s first product to be sold to the U. S. retail market.

FB290 Printer Spooler

FB290 Printer Spooler was a printer spooler with the most compact device and fastest data processing features for its time.

CS104 KVM Switch

CS104 KVM Switch, previously known as CPU Switch, was ATEN’s first product to earn more than $1 million US dollars.


UH204 USB Hub

UH204 USB Hub was ATEN’s first product certified with the USB-IF Golden-Tree testing standard.

Cable KVM Switch

Cable KVM Switch was ATEN’s best selling KVM product.

CS9138 VGA KVM Switch

CS9138 VGA KVM Switch was ATEN’s best-selling rack KVM at the time, and one of the most enduring ATEN products as well.


The ATEN Video Matrix Seamless Switch Series

The ATEN Video Matrix Seamless Switch Series won the Communication Design Award at Red Dot 2015.

The ATEN Thunderbolt 2 KVM Docking Station US7220

The ATEN Thunderbolt 2 KVM Docking Station US7220 was the industry’s first 4K dual-view Thunderbolt™ 2 sharing device.

The ATEN 4K Video over IP Extender

The ATEN 4K Video over IP Extender won the Red Dot 2018 Award for its human-centric design.

Our Craftsmanship

ATEN’s 40-year journey begins with craftsmanship, which forms the foundation of the management philosophy of the company. And that is the main reason why “Passion for Excellence” can be seen everywhere in ATEN. Our ATENers hold themselves to high standards of quality in their work, and always endeavor to do it more efficiently, but without the shortcuts that affect value and quality. Here we provide 3 role models:

Passion for Persistence

Passion for Persistence - Zack Huang, Assistant Manager, Software Department 1, ATEN

Zack is well-known at ATEN for his ability to create momentum based on his ultimate goal of getting things done. For example, he was once assigned to do a public presentation. He wasn’t a natural communicator, but like Steve Jobs, he practiced for weeks before his presentation to prepare himself. His “get-things-done” attitude also applies to his daily life. As a software expert, he even optimizes the data generated from video games by analyzing their algorithms to make his gaming performance better.

  • Life Motto: "Get it Done!"
  • Achievements: Won 2 Taiwan Excellence Awards for ATEN

Passion for Design

Passion for Design - Suzuki Chen, ATEN UX Team, a key contributor to help ATEN win 2 Red Dot Awards for Design Thinking

Suzuki Chen lives life by his own designs. With his expertise, ATEN has successfully won 2 Red Dot Awards for the VM Seamless Switch Series and 4K Video over IP Extender VE8950 thanks to their superior user-friendly product designs. In addition to work, he also once designed a “Baby in Car” sticker with a “Star Wars” font style. His dream is to bring his toy designs to the market someday.

  • Life Motto: "Design is a way of life."
  • Achievements: 2 Red Dots Awards for ATEN

Passion for Innovation

Passion for Innovation - Rock Kao, Assistant Manager, Innovation Center, the leading patent filer at ATEN

ATEN has 570+ issued international patents, some of which were contributed by a team of 8 people who make up the ATEN Innovation Center. Rock is the assistant manager of the ATEN Innovation Center, and he is the number 1 patent filer at ATEN. His main responsibility is to look into future trends and promising technology before competitors do and file industry-leading patents. “Our team is ATEN's commitment to the continuous investment in product and technology innovation, and for me it’s a demonstration of our passion for innovation,” Rock says.

  • Life Motto: "Innovation Rocks!"
  • Achievements: Filing over 10 patents for ATEN