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ATEN Announces Strategic Partnership with Changing Information Technology Inc. Releasing ATEN’s First Server Room Management Software with OTP Cert

OTP (One Time Password) is a dynamic password system with a stringent certification mechanism,offering IT administrators added security safeguards.


Taipei, Taiwan (Jan 14,2015)–ATEN InternationalCo., Ltd.(Stock Code: 6277), the leading provider of IT connectivity and management solutions, has formally announced a strategic partnership with Taiwan’s top data security software company - Changing Information TechnologyInc.ATEN’s latest CC2000 management software is the first of its kind to support the OTP dynamic password system. The new solution offers a two-layered personal identification system accredited to OATH international standards, further improving security management of data centers around the world. 


ATEN’s CC2000 Management Software for data centersallows IT administrators to go beyond typicalrestrictions. The CC2000softwareintegrates KVM over IP server control, serial console serveraccess, and PDU management all in one. The tools provideadministrators withcentral controlof all IT equipment in a serverroomfromaround the world through a single interface, formaximum management efficiency.


ATEN CC2000 is widely employed for semiconductormanufacturers, government agencies, financial institutions and sectors with special requirements forsecurity and the protectionof information. Ensuring the security of client information is the top priority inproduct development atATEN. Kevin Chen, the President of ATEN International, expressed: “The CC2000 is built with multiple certificate protection and data encryption mechanisms employed asthe industrystandard. The new CC2000 offers the additional OTP(One Time Password)dynamic password protection for user authentication. Applying the certificate systems and OTP mechanismstogether providestwo layers of protection to verify and manage user logins, further strengthening data centersecurity while offering dual safeguards for IT administratorsto protect information.”


Changing Information Technology Inc. pointed out that OTP (One Time Password) is an important tool for strengthening information security. Withthedrastic growth ofmobile device users and ever-growing complexity of IT system structures, OTP offersunrepeatability, unpredictability, and use-only-once password features thatform a formidablefirst line of defense for any system. This ensures proper protection of user identitythrough a verification process thateliminatesthe risks of identity or account theft.


To face the challenges in arapidly changing information security environment, ATEN’s cross-sector alliance with Changing’s MOTP(Mobile One Time Password) softwareadds new, diverse and flexible options withsolutionspackages that create comprehensive data centersecurityandprotection over networks. To learn more about ATEN’sCC2000 Management Softwareand Changing’s MOTP dynamic password integrated solutions, please visit: https://www.aten.com/CC2000-OTP/.


For information about ATEN’s CC2000 Management Software for data centers,please visit: CC2000 product page

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For over 35 years ATEN International Co., Ltd. (TWSE: 6277) has been the leading provider of IT connectivity and management solutions. Offering integrated IT Infrastructure Access Management, Professional Audio/Video, and Energy Intelligence Power. ATEN solutions connect and manage electronics in home, office, commercial, industrial, and enterprise environments with a portfolio of 320+ products distributed worldwide. ATEN has 650+ issued patents and an international R&D team that produces a stream of innovative solutions every year. ATEN’s consolidated sales for 2015 came to NT$4,893 million. Headquartered in Taiwan, ATEN International Co., Ltd. has subsidiaries in China, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Australia, the U.S., the U.K., and Russia; with R&D centers in Taiwan, China, and Canada.For more information about ATEN, please visit https://www.aten.com.

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