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ATEN Presents the World’s Smallest Laptop USB Console Adapter

Small but Functional, it’s an IT Engineer’s most Reliable Partner


Taipei, Taiwan (February 14, 2017) ATEN, the leading provider of IT connectivity and total management solutions, today announced the world’s smallest and lightest laptop USB console adapter, the ATEN CV211. The device connects a laptop directly to any server, allowing users instant access to perform data maintenance and local operations for quick troubleshooting, updating, service and repair. The solution significantly reduces maintenance time for IT engineers and administrators in a mobile age, especially in situations where no Internet access is available or permitted.


ATEN CV211 features

  • The World’s Smallest Portable Laptop USB Console Adapter: The size and weight of the CV211 is far less than that of comparable products. The device boasts a compact 70.5 x 53.69 x 18.0 mm3 form factor (without back-clip) and weighs in at only 125g, which makes it easy to carry and use in any working environment. What’s more, the unique back-clip design helps with cable management when the CV211 is connected to a server, allowing all equipment to remain safe and tidy.
  • Full Function Capability for IT Repairs: The CV211 enables bi-directional file transfers, hotkeys, macros, video recording and screenshot captures of the remote computer through a USB 2.0 and VGA cable, without requiring the user to connect additional storage devices between the laptop and server. Effectively eliminating the need to carry repair tools, the CV211 not only provides convenience, but also simplifies the steps and reduces the time to setup and repair equipment in any environment.
  • Plug-and-Play with Your Laptop: The CV211 requires no software installation and supports multi-platform environments: Windows and Linux. Furthermore, the CV211 is a USB-powered device, meaning it does not need a power adapter and is therefore not limited by the power outlets and voltage ranges in different countries. Just plug in your laptop, and the CV211 is ready to provide you with direct desktop access to a server.


“ATEN’s CV211 solution thinks ahead for the IT person. Quite often, people adopt KVM over IP products to repair IT equipment, but when Internet access is limited in harsh environments, such as in production lines, or at kiosks and cellular sites, an IT person has to bring many tools to the scene, or even bring the entire device back for maintenance, which can be frustrating and exhausting. With ATEN’s CV211, IT personnel can get any repair job done with just a laptop. Now the maintenance and operation of servers in environments without Internet access is easy and worry-free,” said Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International.


For more product information, please visit the CV211 product page. 

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About ATEN

ATEN International Co., Ltd. (TWSE: 6277), established in 1979, is the leading provider of IT connectivity and management solutions. Offering integrated KVM, Professional Audiovisual, and Intelligent Power solutions, ATEN products connect, manage, and optimize electronics in corporate, government, industrial, educational, and retail environments. ATEN has 500+ issued international patents and a global R&D team that produces a constant stream of innovative solutions, resulting in a comprehensive portfolio of products available worldwide.

Headquartered in Taiwan, ATEN International Co., Ltd. has grown to include subsidiaries in China, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Australia, the U.S., the U.K., and Russia – with R&D centers in Taiwan, China, and Canada.


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