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The IOGEAR KeyMander 2 Mobile Allows Gamers to Aim Like a Pro

The Keyboard/Mouse adapter is compatible with both iOS and Android™ smartphones, tablets, and Apple TV


Taipei, Taiwan (June 7, 2021) – IOGEAR, ATEN’s consumer electronics sub-brand, today announces that its KeyMander 2™ Mobile Keyboard/Mouse Adapter for Mobile Devices now not only support for iOS and Apple TV, but also compatible with many Android-powered smartphones and tablets. This news builds upon the recent release of the mobile version of the company's hot-selling KeyMander 2 line of gaming control adapters. The new support offers mobile gamers the ability to use a keyboard and mouse on controller-supported* mobile game titles, as well as with mobile streaming services like Google Stadia, NVIDIA's GeForce NOW and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


While mobile play of mainstream titles is increasing in popularity, many gamers still prefer the comfort of desktop-style game control with a keyboard and mouse. The KeyMander 2 Mobile lets gamers take control of their gameplay by enabling keyboard and mouse control that can be fine-tuned to match user preferences, ultimately providing mobile gamers that prefer a desktop-style gaming experience the maximum advantage. The adapter enables gamers to play popular mobile shooter titles like Call of Duty®: Mobile and Fortnite™ and other popular titles like Genshin Impact®, Minecraft™, Roblox™ and others with customized desktop controls with the added advantage of increased accuracy, speed and functionality over traditional touch controls.

With added Android support, the KeyMander 2 Mobile users can play controller-supported games with their favorite keyboard and mouse, and they can even transfer their PC gaming keyboard and mouse skills to any Android device running popular cloud streaming services, as well as mobile apps for mainstream consoles like Xbox or PlayStation Remote Play apps. 


Key features of KeyMander 2 Mobile include:

·         Easily switch back and forth between keyboard and mouse or controller

·         Programmable macro functionality to easily create one-touch button combos

·         Fully upgradable firmware, allowing KeyMander 2 Mobile to support the latest titles and get even better with time

·         Bluetooth programming enables wireless, on-the-fly adjustments from the mobile app

·         Over-the-air (OTA) updates via Android or iOS mobile apps

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The KeyMander 2 Mobile offers the keyboard and mouse experience to the mobile gaming market

For more information, please visit the product page:


*Games MUST support controller function for KeyMander 2 Mobile compatibility. Games that do not support controller, like the Google Play version of Roblox and both the App Store and Google Play version of PUBG, will not work with KeyMander 2 Mobile.

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