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ATEN Launches Industry's First AI-Optimized Podcast Audio Mixer

Tailor-made for solo to two-person podcasting


Taipei, Taiwan (December 24, 2021) –ATEN International, the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, today launches the Podcast AI Audio Mixer MicLIVETM 6-CH (Model Number: UC8000), the industry's first AI-optimized audio mixer. MicLIVE features acoustic enhancement with its AI-created SmartEQ, a compact and portable design, and an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface dedicated to improve the audio recording experience for solo to two-person podcasts.


Audio mixers have become a key device for audio content creation these days, especially for purely audio-format creation such as podcasts, with the global market revenue for audio mixers expected to exceed USD $8 billion by 2026. However in most cases, operating an audio mixer for podcasting can be difficult, as it requires basic acoustic knowledge, as well as complicated operation procedures for amateurs. Under such circumstances, a powerful yet easy-to-use audio mixer, with sound quality and post-production time enhancement functions, is needed and that’s what MicLIVE delivers.


MicLIVE users can change their voice with 24 Voice FX programs, SmartEQ, or use dedicated jingle pads that store up to 8 customizable sound effects, and make use of the auto-ducking function for easy pro-level broadcasting production values. In addition, MicLIVE ships with a built-in preamp that provides gain for the microphone’s signal, and a phantom power (+48V) suitable for connecting the majority of high quality condenser/capacitor microphone.


Apart from to its intuitive and versatile hardware design, MicLIVE also features dedicated, easy-to-use software, OnAirTM Audio, giving users complete control over every parameter while allowing them to simply assign audio from their computer, as well as customize sound effects through a user-friendly interface. Moreover, its diversified input interface options support audio media including professional XLR microphones, musical instruments, USB audio sources, and audio from phone-in for mixing.

As a tailor-made, all-in-one solution for podcasts and audio content creation, MicLIVE is already the winner of the prestigious Good Design Award, and is expected to be a game changer, making it easier for just one user to create pro-level podcasts.


Product Highlights:

l   All-in-one design to simplify podcast audio mixing and workflow - offers up to 6-channel audio inputs, DSP and AD / DA converter, and adds audio resolution up to 24-bit /96 kHz to USB-C on PC or Mac

l   Created using AI, the SmartEQ function improves microphone audio quality with enhanced acoustic models so anyone can create high-quality recordings in real time

l   Jingle pads save up to 8 sound effects that can be customized from audio sources from a computer, microphone, and other audio inputs for professional audio mixing

l   The auto-ducking function lowers background music anytime one speaks, ensuring the speaker’s voice is always heard, loud and clear, during broadcasting



The Podcast AI Audio Mixer MicLIVE 6-CH adopts machine-learning and intuitive interfaces to deliver an optimized sound recording experience for podcasters.



About ATEN

ATEN International Co., Ltd. (TWSE: 6277), established in 1979, is the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions. Offering integrated KVM, professional AV, SOHO, and intelligent power solutions, ATEN products connect, manage, and optimize AV/IT equipment in corporate, government, education, broadcasting and media, and transportation environments.  ATEN has 630+ issued international patents and a global R&D team that produces a constant stream of innovative solutions, resulting in a comprehensive portfolio of products available worldwide.


Headquartered in Taiwan, ATEN International Co., Ltd. has grown to include subsidiaries and regional offices in China, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Australia, the U.S., the U.K., Russia, Turkey, Poland, India, Romania and South Africa – with R&D centers in Taiwan, China, and Canada. 


For more information about ATEN, please visit www.aten.com.


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