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ATEN Introduces New PG series 3-Phase eco PDUs for Optimizing Data Center Sustainability

Up to 64 cascaded 3-Phase PDUs with space, energy, and connectivity efficiency


Taipei, Taiwan (February 23, 2023) --- ATEN International, the leading provider of KVM and AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, today announces the launch of PG series 3-Phase eco PDUs that are perfectly suited to server rack installations requiring energy-efficient power distribution to high-density IT applications in server rooms or data centers. As digitalization soars in the new normal to push forward the expansion of data centers, inflation has added another risk to budgeting for energy management. ATEN’s PG series 3-Phase eco PDUs, featuring an ARM Cortex-A8 processor, is an ideal solution to maintaining superior system uptime in data centers with optimized sustainability. With up to 64 PDU units cascaded via network connections, rack power management is made effective with space, cost, and connectivity efficiency.


To create an environmentally-friendly and sustainable deployment in data centers or sever rooms, ATEN’s PG Series eco PDUs are purposed to enable lower energy consumption for best practices in a network infrastructure with the built-in energy-saving relays – a subtype of an electromagnetic switch – so controlling a large amount of current flow becomes easy while promoting up to 70.65 kg (131.4 kWh equivalent of power consumption) of reduced CO2 emission, reduced electricity expenses, and lower carbon taxes to pay each year.


The main features on the new ATEN PG Series include: 


1.   Built-in energy-saving relays – easy to control a large amount of current flow

2.   Built-in hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker – to protect connected devices from becoming overloaded or damaged, while maintaining stable power distribution

3.   Cascading supporting up to 64 PDU connections for flexible network expansion

4.   Up to 8 daisy-chained sensors via RJ-45 connections for monitoring and management of temperature, humidity, airflow, differential air pressure, and leaks, featuring alerts for potential threats

5.   The hot-swappable LCD panel allows quick replacement and repair without powering down a connected load

6.   The 5-color labeled panel enables differentiable power groups for smarter power management

7.   The 54mm slim form factor allows 2 PDU units to fit in a 0U rack housing, to incorporate more IT equipment in a high-density server rack

8.   Support for ATEN’s eco DC (Energy & DCIM Management Web GUI) for monitoring power distribution, energy, and environmental data from PDUs


Speaking on the launch of the new PG series 3-Phase eco PDUs solutions, Nicholas Lin, Senior Vice President of ATEN, commented, “Sustainability is becoming more important for companies worldwide, and the business sector has taken notice and actions to create a more sustainable future. ATEN is striving forward to develop more products that can help lower energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. We hope our efforts will make a positive contribution to the larger movement for greater environmental responsibility.''


ATEN’s PG lineup includes PG95 (Metered), PG96 (Switched), and PG98 (Outlet-Metered-Switched) models, and all are ready for ordering now.


For more information about ATEN’s PG series 3-Phase eco PDUs, please visit the following links:

20A/16A 30-Outlet 3-Phase Metered eco PDU (PG95230)

30A/32A 30-Outlet 3-Phase Metered eco PDU (PG95330)

20A/16A 30-Outlet 3-Phase Switched eco PDU (PG96230)

30A/32A 30-Outlet 3-Phase Switched eco PDU (PG96330)

20A/16A 30-Outlet 3-Phase Outlet-Metered & Switched eco PDU (PG98230)

30A/32A 30-Outlet 3-Phase Outlet-Metered & Switched eco PDU (PG98330)