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Three Reasons to Invest in an Advanced LCD KVM

How ultra short depth, dual rail design, and second console functionality can maximize productivity in server rooms as well as in limited spaces

You’ve heard it all by now: 5G, AI, the cloud, edge computing, IoT, Industry 4.0, and everything streaming 24/7.  What all of these tech trends mean in real terms is the need for more computers, more bandwidth, and more server rooms for all the new data these services require. Businesses are increasingly moving to either cloud or edge computing, with the latter driving up demand for micro data centers. In addition, while cloud computing is growing, just over 28% of cloud spending these days is going to the private cloud as companies don’t want to lose control of their cloud-based data. All of these new servers being used need to be managed, though, and the most effective way to do so is with LCD Consoles and LCD KVM switches. They play a crucial role in server rooms and data centers, among other situations, where space is at a premium.

Dual-rail ATEN LCD KVMs in the server room allow for space saving thanks to their design.

LCD Consoles and LCD KVM switches are built to save space: instead of using a separate console for every server, a TFT-LCD console/switch can consolidate the function of various consoles into one rackmountable device. However, not all LCD consoles/switches are made equally. In fact, the quality of one of these devices determines the performance and reliability of every server on its rack. If price takes priority over quality during equipment purchasing, the negative impacts on server reliability and performance will far exceed the supposed savings.

As a result, choosing the right LCD KVM switch/console for the server room is one of the biggest challenges facing IT departments today. This is where the ATEN line of LCD KVMs comes in.

Utilizing our LCD KVM products allows for more efficient use of space on the rack, while also providing improved scalability, reliability, convenience, compatibility, and support. The following are features that you can expect to benefit from by using ATEN LCD KVM switch/consoles:

Why Choose an Ultra Short Depth Model?

As you move through the server room, down narrow aisles of server racks, the last thing you want to do is constantly avoid bumping into an LCD KVM’s keyboard jutting out from the rack. In server rooms and data centers, space is always at a premium. The more servers one can fit in the better, and moving about freely to check their statuses is key. As such, we’ve designed our ultra short depth models with these requirements in mind. Our ultra short depth design has been implemented in both single-rail and dual-rail models and fits all 19” equipment cabinets. This makes it especially suited for use in shallow racks and computer rooms where every inch counts. This space-saving, 1U housing is also especially suited to special environments such as broadcast vans (OB vans), compact control rooms, and portable rack mount cases where shorter depth racks are used and thus space is at a premium.

The ultra short depth design of the ATEN CL3800 allows for greater space saving and security.
ATEN CL3800 1U Ultra Short Depth Dual Rail Widescreen LCD Console

In addition to their space-saving design, ultra short depth models are also built to last thanks to their quality ball bearings, durable hinge, and internal power supply. The ball bearings are featured in the roller rails, which prevent contamination or uneven movement when you’re sliding the LCD console and keyboard out of the device. The roller rails have been design with convenience and safety in mind, and thus have a locking mechanism to stop the keyboard from sliding around during use. Thanks to this design feature, the keyboard stays securely where you want it, even if accidentally bumped.

Aside from having high quality roller rails, ATEN LCD KVMs are also equipped with a durable hinge to make sure the LCD console stays exactly where you’ve positioned it, instead of moving around from having a worn-out hinge. The spring-loaded hinge on the 19-inch model makes it easier to lift up the cover, and also provides better support when closing the cover.

While many LCD KVMs on the market require an external power supply that occupies a lot of space at the power socket and can easily come loose, ATEN LCD KVMs do not as they feature an internal power supply that is safety certified and integrated directly into the KVM switch. This has the dual benefit of avoiding wasted space at the power socket and providing increased stability by overcoming issues that arise from unreliable connections.

What’s the Difference between Single- and Dual-Rail Designs?

When deciding on the ideal solution for your server room, more options and use flexibility are always preferable. Server room management requires keeping up with many servers on the fly, and doing so in close quarters. Single rail designs provide some of the benefits that LCD KVMs provide to the always-occupied server room manager, but nothing compares to the full set of features offered by a dual-rail design. With a dual-rail ATEN LCD KVM Switch, the LCD monitor, keyboard/touchpad all operate independently of one another. Single-rail models, such as CL3100, offer top and bottom clearance for smooth operation in a thin, 1U housing. However, dual-rail models, such as CL3800, allow for greater freedom and flexibility thanks to its independently retractable dual-slide 19” LED-backlit LCD monitor module and keyboard with built-in touchpad. As such, the keyboard and touchpad can slide back when not in use, while the space-saving LCD monitor sits flush against the rack, allowing for quick and easy monitoring of computer activity. In addition, it frees up space in server room aisles that would be occupied otherwise. The dual-rail design also allows for greater security by letting you close and lock the server closet to restrict access to the keyboard but still displaying information on the monitor. As a result, dual-rail LCD KVMs provide greater security, convenience, and space saving for mission-critical operations.

ATEN Dual-rail LCD KVMs are ideal for general control rooms, limited-space surveillance, and server rooms; OB vans and broadcasting server rooms, and portable rack mount cases.

Why Do You Need Second Console Functionality?

Perhaps you want to monitor all your servers from one console outside of the server room for convenience by extending to the control room with a KVM extender or KVM over IP, or for second admin capability, such as having one LCD KVM at the head of a server room aisle and one at the end of row, both of which can access the same server. To make this a reality, ATEN LCD KVMs’ rich feature set includes two-console functionality by providing ports on the back of the switch with USB/PS-2, VGA, DVI, and HDMI, depending on the LCD KVM model. This gives users the convenience of being able to monitor the KVM from an external console with a number of protocol options. Some models with over IP capability also include offer out-of-band access with external modem support for BIOS-level troubleshooting when the network is down. With dual on-board NICs and out-of-band access, the KVM over IP switches are built for to ensure 24/7 availability of remote access to all server room computers. By extending the second console, via an extender or over IP, cuts down on time spent going physically back and forth between servers, and even allows for a better working environment away from the potential noise issues of the server room.

More Innovative and Convenient Features!

ATEN’s LCD KVM switches feature LED illumination designed to light up the keyboard and touchpad in dark rooms. This feature is set to ON by default when you lift up the LCD screen, but can be switched to OFF with the simple press of a pushbutton. This innovative design allows for quick and easy use in low-light conditions.

In addition, ATEN LCD KVM switches offer multi-platform OS support (Windows, Mac, Sun, or Linux), easy installation with the included optional Easy Installation Rackmount Kits, and convenient security thanks to fingerprint scanning. Easy Installation is designed to allow one person to carry out installation, rather than the usual two people needed for rackmount LCD KVM/console installation. Simply secure the side rails to the rack, slide your ATEN LCD KVM switch/LCD console onto the rails and secure it to the rack. Slide it out and you’re ready to work!

What’s more, the KL1116VN KVM over IP switches support Control Center Video Session Recorder (CCVSR) and CC2000 Centralized Management Software to give you complete security and control of remote data centers and branch offices no matter where they’re located.

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