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Four Useful Tools for Remote Access to Your KVM Switch

Using WinClient, JavaClient, HTML5 Web Client, & PadClient to remotely monitor port status on ATEN KVM over IP Switches

When it comes to remote access to servers, the best option is a KVM over IP switch. But how exactly do you remotely monitor port status? The answer lies in KVM clients.

WinClient and JavaClient both allow for remote access via IP connection so that you can log in to your servers from anywhere over the Internet. The WinClient AP / Java Client AP allows for direct remote access to Windows systems users, without having to go through a browser, although you will need to initially download the AP program from the browser page and make the appropriate selections in the viewer. There are also applet versions of the same tools available, as well as a Java-free HTML5 Web Client that provides the fastest remote access for many models, such as KN4132VA, and even a version for iPads.

Using WinClient & JavaClient Standalone APs

Want to use WinClient or JavaClient? Follow these simple steps, below. Note that while the interfaces look slightly different, the procedure for utilizing the WinClient and the JavaClient is exactly the same:

1. Log in to Your Switch

Your KVM over IP switch can be accessed via an Internet browser running on any platform. To access the switch, open your browser and specify the IP address of the switch you want to access in the browser's location bar. Follow the security alert dialog box instructions, and then log in with your username and password.

2. Download the Client

First, you need to make sure that you have permission to download this software and access the switch with it. In some cases, an administrator may not want the KVM over IP switch to be available via browser access. If you do have the necessary permissions, then download the client program from the Download tab on the browser page.

3. Open the Client

To connect to the KVM over IP switch, go to the location on your hard disk that you downloaded the Windows Client AP program to, and double-click its icon (WinClient.exe) to bring up the Windows Client Connection Screen.

If Enable Client AP Device List is enabled, your switch will appear in the Server List when using the WinClient or JavaClient. If this option is not enabled, the switch can still be connected to, but its name will not appear in the Server List. br>
Select your switch and enter your username and password:

4. Check Port Status

Once you are logged in at the remote view page, you may now select a port to view its status, and perform all other tasks, exactly as if you were logged in via web browser.

Using the ATEN HTML5-based Web Client

For Java-free KVM client access and control, the most convenient way to launch a viewer directly from a browser to access KVM ports is the Web Client. The Web Client control panel is a simpler version of the WinClient control panel, but this option means that you do not have to download any app in advance. This client supports virtual media in addition to audio output from connected servers.

There are two ways to utilize the Web Client viewer:
1. Under the Port Access tab, click on Connections, and in the Connect dropdown menu, select Web Client.

2. Under the Port Access tab, click on User Preferences, and select Web Client as your default viewer. You can see that you can also select WinClient or JavaClient using this method:

Note: The following listed models all support HTML5-based Web Client Viewer.
• KN8 series models: KN8164V, KN8132V, KN4164V, KN4140VA, KN4132VA, KN4124VA, KN4116VA, KN2140VA, KN2132VA, KN2124VA, KN2116VA, KN1132V
• KN11 Series models: KN1108VA, KN1116VA, KL1108V, KL1116V (new firmware with Web Client support released 10/2023)
• CN9 Series models : CN9950, CN9600, CN9000

Using Applets

Note that in addition to the Windows Client standalone app, from any browser, you will also be able to bring up a Windows applet. If Windows Client is set as the preferred viewer in the drop-down list under User Preferences (see above screenshot), then a WinClient applet can be invoked via a double-click on one of KVM ports to bring up a viewer.

In addition to the JavaClient standalone app, you will also be able to bring up a Java applet, which is available on any platform and OS. If Java Client is set as the preferred viewer, then a Java Applet (.jnlp) can be invoked via a double-click on one of KVM ports to bring up a Java viewer. This is actionable without any download of the JavaClient App required.

Using PadClient for iPads

You can also use an iOS app such as the ATENPadClient, whose intuitive interface makes it easy to connect to a KVM over IP switch and control computers direct from your iPad. PadClient gives you the same access rights and real-time control of your servers, as if you were right there in the office. Give yourself the freedom and flexibility to provide technical support and problem debugging from anywhere at any time.

The PadClient's intuitive interface makes it easy to connect to KVM over IP switches and control computers direct from your iPad. This technology marks an innovative and convenient way forward for server monitoring and control.

Using the Command Prompt

Finally, you can also use the command prompt to open the WinClient or JavaClient and go directly to a specific port on your KVM over IP switch.
First, ensure that you have downloaded the WinClient or JavaClient to your PC.
Then use the command below to open the WinClient or JavaClient:

  • Winclient.exe -u administrator -p password
  • Java -jar Javaclient.jar -u administrator -p password

    • is the IP address that the KVM over IP switch uses
      9000 is the service port
      The number after the service port means the specific port that you want to view.
      -u means the login user name
      -p means the password of the login user

Want to learn more?

So these are some various ways that you can use WinClient / JavaClient / WebClient and more to monitor port status on your ATEN KVM over IP switch. Want to learn more? Please download the user manual for your model of ATEN KVM over IP switch via its website product page, and refer to Chapter 4, Logging in.

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