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Modern Learning Spaces

A renowned Italian university has established itself as a prominent institute for higher education since its founding almost 70 years ago, and currently has a total of 19,000 students and over seven departments. To accommodate the growing number of students with the best education possible, several rooms were upgraded with new audio and video equipment. Two lecture halls needed solutions that were both easy to use and provide full control over AV applications. An additional conference room required a centralized system to ensure efficient collaboration.

Installation of ATEN Solutions

The first set-up is in the Council Room, located within the central building of the university. It required a management system that could handle video sources and monitors up to 4K. The sources included a 4K desktop PC, a VGA source, a CCTV video source, and an external video source that can be used for applications such as Skype. These video signals must be controlled from a separate technical room. In this room, controllers require the ability to add other video sources, such as DVD player, CCTV with local control, and more. All this equipment is controlled by ATEN's matrix switch.

The second set-up is in a meeting room where all control needed to be centralized at both the presentation table and the technical room. For usability reasons, the system has to be activated with a single switch-button. The presentation table required HDMI and VGA source input options that could automatically detect connecting laptops. A large screen is the focal point of the room. All content displayed on this screen will also be visible on two smaller screens in the room. The video settings will be handled from the control room, where an operator works at a dual-monitor setup.

The third set-up was in the lecture hall of the engineering department. Given the large dimensions of the hall, particular attention was paid to the sound system by implementing long array lines. Multiple computers with HDMI and VGA connections were located in the front table, and required a presentation switch to control signals along with support for USB and Ethernet connections. In the technical room, a matrix switch was needed for selection among AV sources from the table, DVD, TV cameras in the hall or other signals from the building.

An intuitive system which is easy to use, even for teachers with a limited technical background.

- Roberto Rubini, Ekklesia s.r.l.

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