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Wind & Lightning

There are multiple wind power generation facilities on the coastal region of the Sea of Japan that are installed in particularly remote places, such as the top of mountains or out in the sea. There are many lightning strikes on these wind turbines, especially during winter, and this lightning strike data needs to be collected.
Shoden Co., Ltd. develops and sells a lightning strike detection device, the TMZ-1000. Previously, strike data was collected manually from each terminal of each wind turbine via USB memory stick, but this involved traveling long distances to each turbine. Therefore, Shoden was looking to customize their TMZ-1000 with a solution that enabled the real-time collection of remotely-stored data that was more convenient.

The ATEN SN3001 solved all of the specific concerns during our research and development of providing over IP capabilities to lightning strike detection devices.

Mr. Kei Miyamoto, Lightning Countermeasures System Department

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