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Welcome to VK6000 ATEN Control System - ATEN Configurator Software
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Version History
V2.6.2541. New "while loop" monitor mode to execute actions continuously for repeat events or routine tasks
2. Built-in programming-based "Script Editor" feature for complex scenarios
3. Synchronize variable to label feature to bypass response information on the label
4. Enable to communicate between ATEN Control System via ID or static IP address
5. Enable to controlled by 3rd system through Ethernet(TCP) communication
6. Securely connect to devices by new "keep alive" connection setting
7. New "hold time" setting and LED flashing effect during command processing on keypad
8. Update the string of button by the new "change button name" command
9. Provide custom time server setting for schedule events
10. Provide new "set var" console command to manually change the variable value
11. Compliant USA California password policy
12. Bug fixed
V2.5.2481. Add Autosave and log dump features when VK6000 crashes
2. Support BOSCH conference system
3. Support listening Telnet device
4. Bug fixed
V2.5.2461. Password Protected Actions
2. Advanced drag-and-drop Logic Programming
3. KE Series Integration
4. System Trial Function
5. Support ATEN Control Pads
6. Additional UI / Action Improvements
Textbox for additional Notes
Copying the whole GUI page to viewer
Modify project upload process
7. Bug fixed
V2.4.2381. Add new object–Dialog
2. Add new object–Message
3. Add new control protocol–HTTP/HTTPS
4. Allow opening multiple projects to copy & paste objects
5. Automatically synchronize GUI status with controlled devices
6. Bug fixed
V2.4.234Bug fixed
V2.3.2291. Native KNX IP for Building Management System
2. Controlling PC via ControlAssist tool
3. Scheduling for Repeating Events
3. Supports VK108US/VK112EU Keypad
4. New Ethernet Protocol - UDP
5. New ATEN Graphic Template
6. Project File Backup
V2.2.2161. Support actions copy and paste on objects
2. Support VK1100 compact control box
3. Support VK108US keypad
4. Support advanced device driver format
5. Support viewer background reconnectionwith control box
6. Support radio group and slider level value changeable
V2.1.2081. New user interface and layout
2. Supports slider bars and new button objects
3. Improve event monitoring
4. Increase graphic database
V1.6.156Support VK248 expansion box