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Welcome to ATEN Video Matrix Control App
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Version History
V1.0.069Support more VM models, bug fixes, add picture preview function on VM3200/VM3250Support VM3250/VM6404HB/VM3200/1600A/6809H/6404H/51616H/5808H/5808D/5404D/5404H/3909H/3404H/0808HA/0808HB/0404HB
V1.0.066Support more VM models.Support VM3200/1600A/6809H/6404H/51616H/5808H/5808D/5404D/5404H/3909H/3404H/0808HA/0808HB/0404HB
V1.0.063Initial releasedSupport VM3200/1600A