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Welcome to VE816R 4K HDMI HDBaseT Receiver with Scaler
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Version History
V2.1.2071. Scaler now support 800x600@60Hz
2. Modify Clock tracker functions
V2.1.2061. Fix some side effects of clock tracker
2. Now video blank and audio mute will work independently
3. Remove the line in some special pattern
V2.1.203New devices supported
VE816R_V2.1.206.exe.zip : PC Upgrade file via RS232
VE816R_V2.1.206.fw.zip : Web Upgrade file via Ethernet
To connect to the following devices, the F/W should be upgraded to the required version or after.
VM3404H/VM3909H: V2.2.213
VM1600/VM1600A: V3.0.298
VM3200: V1.1.107
VM8514: V2.1.206
V2.1.202Initial release.