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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is an extremely important aspect of sustainable enterprise operations, and ATEN has been working on corporate governance with continued diligence over the last few years. From the most fundamental level of circulating directives, voluntarily disclosing financial transactions, and guaranteeing the interests of stakeholders, to the level of values and morality, ATEN has always considered that this is not merely a kind of temporary value, but an aspect of enterprise culture; a principle that all ATEN people from top to bottom should respect. ATEN's operators are sure that the implementation of corporate governance, in addition to being a kind of guarantee of the interests of investors and other stakeholders, is also a manifestation of ATEN keeping to its core value of "integrity".

As a result, ATEN is strengthening corporate governance by "enacting transparency", "strengthening the function of the Board of Directors", "establishing functional committees", "establishing the CSR management committee", "establishing company regulations" and "a sound internal control system".

ATEN's corporate governance infrastructure has been formulated and enacted in accordance with the Republic of China's Company Law, the Securities Exchange Act, and other relevant laws. What's more, we have extended the concept; to include the following corporate governance projects:

  • An area of our website dedicated to investors in Chinese and English
  • Formulating methods related to CSR.
  • Establishing Independent Directors and a system for their nomination.
  • Establishing the supervisor system
  • Establishing the functional "Remuneration Committee"
  • Establishing the "spokesperson system"
  • Establishing an Investor Relations Department to handle investor advice and issues

ATEN also circulates directives strictly through internal audits, requiring that operations management teams, overseas subsidiaries, and all colleagues undergo regular self-assessment and irregular audits in order to assess the degree to which directives and internal control systems have been implemented. If any flaws or discrepancies in the control system are discovered, the problem will be reported immediately and the relevant departments will continue to investigate and pursue the problem until it has been corrected, improved and satisfies every directive and regulation. After the Audit Department has carried out inspections of each department, the head of the Audit Department will send a report to supervisors, and make a report to the Board of Directors in person.