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Preface by CEO

CEO & President of the Board

As far as ATEN is concerned, aside from being a profitable company in order to improve the benefits paid to shareholders, we have promoted our overall responsibility to society, the environment, those above and below us in the supply chain, and our employees since publishing the first Corporate Social Responsibility Report in June 2012.

Since its establishment in 1979, ATEN has 34 years of experience as a major provider of KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) switches, from which our "professional Audio/Video solutions" were developed, by using our core technologies to transmit Audio/Video signals through advanced integration. Recently, guided by the concepts of server room integration and environmentalism and energy efficiency, we have also developed "Green Energy Management Solutions". In taking this path of product extension and expansion, ATEN has sought corporate growth and transformation in the wake of corporate pulsation. Aside from hoping to be able to provide reasonable investment compensation to shareholders, we have also sought to walk the path to sustainable development, under the reasonable expectation of all stakeholders. 34 years is only the beginning: we believe that the chosen path of our corporation will bring support from stockholders, clients, suppliers, employees, society and govnernment.

In August 2013, we were once again honored with Common Wealth Magazine's "Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility" Award. In the same year, we won 3rd place in the Mittelstand Award: this marked the 5th time ATEN has been placed in the top 10 candidates for Common Wealth's Mittelstand Award. Our having entered the lists with many renowned enterprises is both a kind of honor and a kind of expectation of oneself. In the future, while pursuing corporate profit, we will realize corporate social responsibility in a strategic and systematic way, while also hoping to be able to take the next step in making "employee social responsibility" a reality.

A new page in ATEN's Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Social Responsibility has been begun with the founding of the ATEN Volunteer Society, a result of the company's diligence and the employees' own planning. Over 16% of employees, a total of over 100 individuals, have registered as members. Looking forward, there will be more colleagues and groups of colleagues working in the areas of "environmental restoration and education", "childcare", "caring for the disabled", and "caring for mothers and children", among others, concentrating more manpower and resources, so as to put more positive capacity into society together.

ATEN's "core values" include the 4 main areas of "Integrity", "Caring", "Ambition", and "Novelty", which have become regarded as behavioral criteria from the top to the bottom of the company. The 4 core values should be the central motivation behind any "thought", "action", or "decision"; and thus they are realized in "corporate strategy", "operational management", "corporate governance", and "product strategy". They have been expanded to "the ATEN corporate commitment", "social participation", "environmentalism", and other levels of corporate social responsibility.

Facing all manner of future challenges, ATEN will remain diligent in the areas of corporate governance, operational efficiency, corporate profit, employee benefits, environmental protection and investor relations, hoping to press on in the areas of product development, environmentalism, energy efficiency, and promoting the happiness of humanity as a whole through creative thinking and technology. Realizing our responsibility to society, and creating a win-win situation with all of the company's stakeholders.